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Yoga Before Or After Workout 2019- All you need to know

Yoga after workout

Today we were going to discuss about few common questions related to yoga and workout. So lets jump straight into the questions.

Should you do yoga before or after a workout?

Some people say to do yoga before workout and some says after. But that doesn’t matter whether you do yoga before workout or after workout. The answer is it totally depends on what the objectives of your training are. If your goal in training is to get better at yoga first and foremost, then I might put it first.

Lets say your objective is to do intense workouts. Certain styles/approaches are more intense than others. More intense forms of yoga are obviously more taxing, and thus more likely to interfere with other forms of training.
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However, given a generalized style of yoga and the fact that it will generally be lower intensity, more flexibility focused so you’re probably better off most of the time putting it at the end of a workout.

Here i explain certain examples when to do yoga before or after workout.

Yoga Before A Workout

You can also use it as a warm-up! In order to take advantage of yoga before a workout, make sure that you are using dynamic stretches like the ones in the video below and not poses like Shavasana which will be more likely to make you want to snooze than to take on the treadmill. Dynamic stretches get your heart pumping and warm up your muscles, preparing you for the workout ahead.

1. It Warms Up The Body

Individuals who have been into rigorous physical training can attest to the importance of warming up your body before a workout session. Although yoga before a workout seems like a burden, it certainly pays off.

To begin with, yoga involves lots of stretching which wrings out the body tissues and breaks up any adhesion, thus preparing your body for any kind of training. Moreover, some yoga poses incorporate full body rotations which increase your body’s flexibility, reduce the risk of muscle cramp or spasm during heavy lifting or weight training.

2. Helps Increase Stamina

Before you can head out to the gym, it is advisable to perform yoga and in this case, the warrior pose. This yoga pose is an excellent pre-workout activity that not only helps increase your body stamina but also releases stress in your shoulders.

Yoga After A Workout

Yoga for stretching is best done after a workout. This is because you can target all of the areas you just used and really stretch all of the muscles that you just worked. This will help you to recover faster and can also aid in bringing your heart rate back down in order to make you mindful again. This is great especially if you have trouble sleeping after a workout!

1. Perfect for Cool Down

Yoga is most beneficial after a workout because it is excellent to cool down your body. Doing yoga after a workout will stretch the body muscles you just trained and thus help reduce soreness and speed up the healing of the worn out tissues.

2. Increases Oxygen Supply

Getting enough oxygen to the body tissues and muscles is just as crucial after a workout as before. In this case, the Shoulder stand style is extremely helpful because it opens up your chest and increases oxygen supply to the lungs. As a result, this will help your muscles recover and grow during rest time.


While you are required to work on your body, mind and soul along with keeping your body in some definite postures (Aasanas), it is better to get away with the strain & stress on the level of your body parts.

A light working-out, after which you are not getting much tired, you must start practicing Yoga. So that it will relieve the unwanted accumulated energies in the body through Breathing-out process.

Make sure to follow Yoga by a subsequent short meditation for 8-10 minutes (for initiators). Or for 16-20 minutes, if you are regular with meditation.

What is recommended to do first, yoga or cardio? Why?

We recommend to do Cardio first then yoga.

This is because cardio will warm your muscles and will push them to sweat it out after which you can relax those worked muscles through performing yoga as it will relax the tension in your body transporting you into a relax state of mind.

When your body is warm up, you then move on to yoga to stretch out different muscle groups, increase flexibility, eventually cool down.

If you go the other way round, your body in the end will be exhausted since there are no cooling down exercises. You do not want that to happen, your muscles, joints will be very sore the very next day.

However if you do yoga before cardio then the oxygen that you have inhaled during all your yoga poses will help you in preparing your body for cardio workout.

Can I do yoga after exercise?

Yes, Of course you can do yoga after exercise but give some break after exercise and also take 10 to 15 min. break after each and every yoga pose. Continuation could be harmful or painful for your body and it could make you feel tired. So in my suggestion take a break after each yoga pose.

Yoga is very good thing for body,mind and soul. There are many benefits by yoga and also there were no side effects by yoga. You can do easily and become a great yogi. Nowadays even doctors recommend to their patient to start doing yoga to make your body healthy and fit. Its not like that yoga is just for reduce your weight. Its a medicine to many disorders or health problems. Meditation is also a part of yoga.

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