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Yoga With Adriene Mishler | Yoga Teacher, Actress and An Entrepreneur

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Yoga With Adriene is a popular Yoga YouTube channel over 3.8 million subscribers with free yoga instructional videos.

About Adriene Mishler

Adriene Mishler is a yoga teacher, an actress, and an entrepreneur from Austin, Texas. She also had a professional theatre background, She also works in television, gives voiceover and film and has more than 3.8 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. She is a regular contributor to magazines and blogs and voices several characters in DC Universe Online including Lois Lane, Supergirl, Powergirl and Raven.
She is also a part of American Crime directed by John Ridley, Everybody Wants Some directed by Richard Linklater and Joe directed by David Gordon Green. Adriene is on a mission so that yoga should reach to the schools and homes, She has a successful Youtube channel Yoga With Adriene, Her yoga tutorials videos are easy to follow and enjoyable Unlike many yoga classes which focuses heavily on forcing the body into the postures, she focuses her practice on mindful breathing, body healing, stretching and pain relief. Her tutorials are less about doing some poses in a rigid manner, but more about learning to connect your mind with your body.
Her YouTube alter ego became Google’s most searched workout and exercise search query in 2015, has been recognized by The Wall Street Journal and was awarded a Streamy in Health and Wellness in 2016.

Yoga With Adriene Mishler

“Yoga with Adriene” was the most googled workout in 2015. She won a 2016 Streamy Award in the Health and Wellness category, and in January of this year Google searches for “Yoga with Adriene” reached an all-time high — spiking by 40 percent since November 2017.

But she didn’t start out intending to be an internet sensation. When she was 19, she’d sub, teach kids’ classes, and lug around a jam box and burnt CDs all over her hometown of Austin — anything to teach yoga.

Host Adriene Mishler also taught viewers how to do everything from yoga for weight loss to yoga for anxiety to how to make their own yoga mat spray.

Yoga with Adriene morning 30 Day Challenge

Among the many playlists on her channel, including ‘yoga with Adriene beginners Videos’, ’10-15 Minute Yoga Practices’ and ‘yoga with Adriene morning Routines’, perhaps her most popular video series is ’30 Days of Yoga’, the revamped 2016 version ‘YOGA CAMP – 30 Day Home Practice’ and the new series: ‘REVOLUTION: 31 Days of Yoga’.

Through each series, Adriene is motivational and encouraging, and she welcomes you to the practice asking that each day you show up for yourself, try your best and ‘find what feels good’ – the name of the multi-platform yoga streaming service she co-founded.

Adriene uses mantras to connect the yoga practice with her audience to keep it personal to them. For each day of the yoga with Adriene morning camp: 30 Day At Home Practice, Adriene names the video with a mantra. Day 1 is ‘I Accept’, where Adriene urges you to accept the challenge, accept who you are and be yourself always (an important life motto for Adriene). Day 2 is entitled ‘I Create’ and Day 3 is called ‘I Embrace’.

Each day you return to your mat and to your practice, Adriene will congratulate you for ‘showing up for yourself’ and ask you to pinpoint what you want to get from the day’s practice. You will come away relaxed in body and in mind.

Yoga With Adriene reviews

Most of the viewers liked her first video and started off as a new task. One of Mishler’s most popular video series is “30 Days of Yoga,” a collection of 30 tutorial videos yoga with Adriene morning videos for beginners designed to be viewed sequentially over a month. The first video in the series has been watched over 6.2 million times. But as you go through the videos you start to notice something: The number of viewers drops precipitously from video to video.

With 2.7 million views, day 2’s video has been watched fewer than half as many times as day 1’s. By day 3, viewership is down to 1.6 million, and by day 4 it’s even lower. Day 30’s video has been watched only 323,000 times, a dropoff of roughly 95 percent compared with the number of people who watched the first video.

A member of Reddit’s Data Is Beautiful community first noted this sharply downward sloping viewership curve a few days ago, charting it out as “5.4 million yoga fails in one graph.” (The number’s now up to 5.8 million failures if anyone is counting.) It’s a striking illustration of a basic truth about human behaviour: We are often eager to start new endeavours, but more often than not we fail to see them through.

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