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NOOM APP Review : BEWARE of it | Read This Before You Buy


Noom App Review : My Personal experience

Hello everyone, today’s review is about the new app now that’s called as NooM app. This is a wellness app where you can track your calories or you know and track your calories in food that you eat. 
A survey track your food calories intake and if you sign up for free it is just that you’re just tracking your weight not tracking your calories in your food or how much calories do you intake.
When I signed up for Noom they keep coming with this thing where it was
showing like hey are you ready to go to the next level with your wellness. So
basically they have an Noom coach system thing where you can sign up for a
wellness coach. Now this is supposed to be somebody who knows about nutrition, exercise that’s how it’s advertised.
You’re also supposed to get group support and articles and what I really
loved about Noom. So, I was very excited about the fact that they take the
psychological aspects into account as well. So this really got me excited and I
thought finally and I will give it a try.
Well with it they give you a seven day free trial 7 day free trial. The main problem with the app was that some red flags were popping up about from the beginning and I did kind of choose to overlook it.
So the first thing that I noticed was that you need to take all these quizzes and everything and then you get assigned a coach. Now when I got the coach it seemed like she was giving me auto responses like pre typed out messages.
And it was like I was dealing with a robot, so it wasn’t personable.
So there was one that was the closest to being personable that I could find where she says Like “Hi I from Some city” I do not want to mention here. And I hello back and she’s like oh how awesome well I can’t wait for our check-in. So that was about the last time I heard from her and she completely blew off the first check-in.
After that it got into almost week when she finally did get back to me. She took accountability and she said “I am so sorry you know I’d missed last week’s check
how are you doing”. So the fact that she owned up to it and she apologized that
meant a lot to me.
What then bothered me was that she just said “how are you doing, how are you”. I mean what is this I’ll be on the street having small talk or you want to jump in and make up for missing last week. She didn’t even talk about any thing related to my diet chart or meal plan of mine that i entered she didn’t even take a look on it.
If she say “okay I reviewed your food blog it looks like you need more of this or more of that” may be i consider that they at least review my diet and meal chart and will help me out in that. But there is nothing like that.
But still I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt so I wrote back to her and I
said “it’s been a slammed week with work  and home projects so not a lot of energy to exercise our cook a little challenging”.
She stopped communicating with me so not only was she kind of robotic in the beginning, and I had kind of a deep reason for doing this to check it that is she really or just an auto responding answer machine. And she just kind of blew past it and it was like she didn’t even read it.
Considering all these like she misses our first check-in and then she has how just asked how are you doing I answer her and she ignores me, she just didn’t respond. And I was like this is not what was advertised this is not what I signed up
This is supposed to be someone who’s supposed to give me advice and support and I’m getting neither one of those things.
So I wrote back to cancel my account so i wrote “Can we cancel my account I’ve been doing this on my own I can keep on like that. Thank you
So she basically tells me you purchased this through iTunes so you have to cancel through iTunes. She sends me the instructions so I go through the instructions I go ahead and cancel it.
She is like “oh you want to cancel here go off and cancel”. She dose’t care like “I missed it yeah let’s talk about your food log.
But no it was like she was happy that I was gone. So I go off and cancel it and I’m like okay now enough is enough I’m not paying for this and I was only a couple of days or maybe a few days past the the free trial anyway wasn’t even hooked up with my group support yet or anything.
After that i wrote back to them with all the information about refunding my money as i didn’t hooked up with your program even for a single day. They replied me ” our company didn’t have any money back return policy”. This is truly amazing what kind of fitness company is this that didn’t have return policy even the customers are not satisfied with it. But i accept the fact that i couldn’t do anything.
So I write to the company and “I said you know I respect that you typically have a no refund policy but I signed up with under the impression that I was going to have a coach and she didn’t coach she didn’t do anything and I don’t like this.
So can you make an exception and would you mind giving me a refund”.
So then I get the whole plasticky fake smile kind of response “thanks so much for reaching out to support. Happy to help you with this but it’s unable to find your account”.
So I come back and I give more information and then I didn’t hear anything from them. So I come back to them with like the code and everything that I use to get in there and they don’t respond to me.

Now pay attention to this if you’re thinking about doing this app.When i am joining the app it has a little button “click here to get started”. So I click there being under the impression I’m gonna get charged $44.99. when I go into iTunes to cancel it says $44.99.

Then I go to my credit card statement so here’s what’s interesting,I see now that I was charged more than I agreed to pay it was supposed to be a promotion they charged something $60.45. So I write back telling them i was very unhappy with their unethical scammy business tactics.

So I had to bullet point why I wasn’t happy I’m not feeling too happy about this right now here’s why : let’s number them out

  1. The coach didn’t coach I signed up because  ads made it seem like I’d get support and advice that didn’t happen it was clear the coach didn’t even look at my food log after she missed the first check-in
  2. I tried to communicate that I had a challenging week and she didn’t respond at all
  3. When I told the coach I wanted to cancel she wasn’t concerned like it didn’t occur to her that she failed to do her job really
  4. I was charged more than it was supposed to be
  5. I reached out again to you all with necessary information about getting refund and no one has responded with a resolution nor has there been an apology

So up till now nobody has apologized nobody has even acted like they care there was none of this like what is your coach’s name none of them asked anything like they were not gonna look into it at all because this is the kind of company that they set up a certain it just feels like they set up a certain thing and then when they fail to do their job they might automatically assume that it’s the client who is mistaken.

I don’t like that company must need to investigate you need to look into what’s going on here and then I said I was enjoying this app at first and even did a post to my social media audience.

Now I have to take it back see that was my bigger concern like oh crap how many people have gone off and signed up for this because I was liking it  when i get started but they never tried to make the things right. I’d like to know what you proposed to make this right.

Also I gave them last four digits of my last four digits of my credit card and tell them i was charged more for their app. So then they write back and say

“Hi there thanks for reaching out thankyou

Unfortunately our discounts are only available when purchasing a new subscription for our website. Our promotion cannot be applied to purchases made through the App Store or the Google Play Store my apologies for the confusion”.

This is some serious unethical business practices. so why does iTunes still say $44.99 and i get charged $60.45.
Then they talk down to me as if I didn’t follow instructions to cancel the services first time. And they copy and paste the instructions on how to go through iTunes and cancel which I’ve already done in past.
Then she goes into requesting a refund she said “you have to go to Apple to request a refund so I do this I follow the instructions I go over to Apple they send me back to their website and say you have to go back to them to get your refund”.
So we know that customer service here is useless and they’re not even paying attention, so I’ve had to open a dispute with my credit card company and so far they’re being silent about it. So I don’t know what’s going on there I don’t know if I’m gonna get my money back or not.
Even this is not enough, their next reply totally broke me down.

So then the next response “I am so sorry for the troubles unfortunately I am unable to see if your installation was processed through iTunes until the end of your billing cycle I apologize for the inconvenience:.

so they can’t see if I’ve been cancelled until the next billing cycle so I could potentially have to face this again and have to fight them again come next month.
so I finally come back and I’m like that’s it I’m going to report this company I’m gonna and I’m gonna go to the ‘true the state attorney general’s office so I got to look up where what state that they’re actually based in I will absolutely file a complaint unless some real resolution happens quickly.
They are not confirming that it has been cancelled okay and they’re saying well we won’t know until you get billed again take it up with iTunes you.
so essentially and now yes I’m still paying for the service and my coach has really backed off now she’s not doing anything and they don’t care okay so there is this unprofessionalism going on here. There are numerous problems about what was being advertised and then what actually came through this whole nonsense.
 So i must say stay away from Noom. When I heard that I was like no this is Shady something shady is going on here and I flat-out told them because I’m not one who takes nonsense I I maybe missed my calling is either a psychologist or as a lawyer because I don’t like injustice I don’t like injustice and I don’t like it for me and I don’t want other people to have to go through this so that’s why I get kind of fired up about this stuff.
Would I recommend personally Noom to anybody No run away run away as fast as you can and I don’t know what to tell you okay now if you’re having a good experience awesome.
May be you got lucky and got a good coach and I just didn’t or you don’t know what you’re supposed to be getting and you think you’re having a good time but really you’re paying for something that you’re not getting so look into it for yourself.
I’m not here to spoil anybody’s good time. But then I hope this doesn’t happen to you down the road. But this is so ridiculous it’s just utterly ridiculous and the thing is  because I’m a bit of a social warrior I don’t like it when people get taken advantage of. I certainly don’t like it when I get taken advantage of.
So I want to write a thorough review of my experience with this company and what I intend to do from here. You make your own decision you decide if it’s right for you or not now.
I guess feasibly you could sign up and get a really good coach who cares who
you know it takes their work seriously but I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were
you so be warned and I hope this was helpful take care.

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