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NatureThin Full Review: Facts You Must Know Before buying

NatureThin Full Review


NatureThin is a diet product produced by Alternascript, and it is new to  the market of diet and weight loss products. The company markets this product as a proven supplement with essential vitamins, and botanical nutrients, which aid in weight loss.

Naturethin is a weight loss pill renowned for its effect on weight; it guarantees a slim figure in a few weeks. The efficiency and effectiveness of the product attributes to its increasing popularity across the world.

This is a product that may not have been found in the market just like the other products and it has helped around 190 thousand customers in just a few years. It is manufactured by the company having many experts, fitness professionals, and health consultants who help in designing the perfect and complete formulas for the health which also includes this dietary supplement.

Today, people are increasingly concerned about how to lose weight naturally; shedding a pound is a big deal. The growing need for such led to the development of NatureThin aimed at achieving your weight goals in a few weeks. The supplement works alongside natural mechanisms that include exercise and proper diet.

The good news is, this product does not seem to contain any harmful stimulants that will make your heart race, and keep you up at night. The pills are said to not work alone, and in order to achieve results you will be asked to incorporate exercise into your daily routine and change your nutrition.

About the manufacturer

This product is rather new to the market and is manufactured in USA, Southern California to be exact. Alternascript headquarters are located in Austin, Texas.

NatureThin, the manufacturer, is renowned in the industry for quality production. The reputation boosts confidence in using its latest product, no worries on its safety and effectiveness.

According to the manufacturer, the mechanism of the product is simple; it reduces appetite thus effective digestion processes. Unlike other weight loss pills.

NatureThin can be integrated to your diet program without interfering with any nutrition goals. In fact, the manufacturer highly recommends to only use the supplement alongside a stable diet otherwise it won’t be effective as designed.

How does NatureThin works?

Nature Thin has a natural process of working as it can boost your thermogenesis and the metabolic rates, being helpful in burning the excessive calories and fat. It boosts your energy levels to make you eager in your daily activities; your mood will be improved so that you can eliminate the attacks of emotional eating.

NatureThin pills curb your appetite as it works by triggering your body’s thermogenic (heat producing) process. Your body needs additional energy on raising its temperature for which these pills increases your metabolic rates which can convert the excessive fats into energy.

This formula is specifically designed with various natural ingredients which help your body in stimulating the metabolism and discouraging the storage of calories by providing proper nourishment to the body.

It has a number of ingredients which suppress the cravings for carbohydrates and sugars. The company recommends you to take its 2 pills in a day among which 1 with the breakfast and another with lunch. You must not take the excessive dosage as it also contains some amounts of Caffeine.

NatureThin Diet Facts

You are supposed to take this supplement twice a day with a large glass of water 30 minutes before eating. There are no other instructions regarding the actual supplement. When looking into another diet pill, my first though is “What are the ingredients?”

NatureThin Ingredients or Components 

NatureThin entails vitamins and minerals that help in restricting production and storage of excess fat in the body. The main ingredients in the product include Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Biotin. Vitamin 12, and Vitamin E.

It has the complementary ingredients which are combined with a lot of features. These ingredients are as follows:

Capsimax Powder – It is a combined mixture of a natural fat burning supplement and vitamin B3. This ingredient works by increasing the body heat that promotes your weight loss effectively.

Calcium Carbonate – It is a natural ingredient that forces the body cells to produce and store fewer fats inside the body.

Chromium Picolinate – It is also an organic ingredient which removes the origins of cravings and suppresses the appetite.

Caffeine – It is an effective energy booster which provides you more energy and makes you more active than enough so that you can adopt a better lifestyle by losing more calories. It also reduces the hunger without even adding calories to your regular diet. It helps in reducing about 200-300 calories per day.

Nopal – It is a kind of cactus and also known as the amino acid which helps in nourishing your body with all the essential nutrients needed by the body

L-carnitine fumarate – It is a kind of amino acid being derived from the red meat, nuts, and vegetables. IT promotes the natural fat burning along with making you feel satisfied.

Thus, all of the ingredients of Nature Thin Pills are 100% natural and effective that promotes your body health without causing any adverse effects along with boosting the metabolism and losing the weight.

How to use the product

Just like any other medical drug, it is important to follow doctor’s directions to detail if you are to experience the positive effects on your body. NatureThin also recommends a structure of how to use the weight loss product depending on your goals.

  • First, you should specify a goal before beginning to use this product. A goal helps to keep track and evaluate the progress of the body.
  • The pills should be taken half an hour before meals with lots of water
  • Strive to walk for at least 30 minutes on a daily basis.

This should be done repeatedly over a certain period to achieve your weight loss goals.

Precautions to be taken

  • Keep it away from the reach of children and the pregnant ladies.
  • It should not be consumed by the underage people or people older than 60.
  • It also requires a prescribed medication.
  • Read all the instructions carefully before using the same.


The product has a relatively long trial period. Most weight loss products offer a maximum of 14 days for you to make a decision or return the product in case you deem it unsuitable for your needs.

NatureThin is available for free use in a 21-day period. This alone indicates good will and intention of the manufacturer to provide quality and long lasting results. Most products in this category exaggerate the functions but not with NatureThin. In fact, it will surpass your expectations.


The product is affordable. The components and quality of the product deserve higher pricing; the market would be okay with a higher price tag, but the manufacturer decides to offer it an incredibly affordable rate.

If you are thinking of an effective way of how to lose weight naturally, this will be a great choice. The only extra cost comes with shipping, which is dependent on your location. Otherwise, NatureThin company is committed to sharing the effective weight loss tips at a minimum cost as much as possible.

NatureThin is more than a weight loss product. It is an overall health supplement, it improves the condition of body organs and tissues hence the efficiency of the systems. The supplement significantly boosts body health.

The fact that you have to use it with a comprehensive diet plan the contents of this supplement help in the natural growth of tissues, which act on the keenly selected food at specific intervals.

As it cuts on weight by reducing storage and food consumption, NatureThin boosts the growth of muscles.

Cons of NatureThin

  • Price is high as compare to other similar products in market i.e $89.31
  • No free shipping given by company. Shipping cost approx $8.
  • Auto Dropship of pills after end of free trials.

Where to buy?

You may not get the product on Amazon as it is available only on its official website. You can get the same from its website along with the 21 days free trial period to make you sure about its usage and quality.

Customer support

Please note when you go to this products website, you will be told “free trial” but note this only lasts for 21 days, and then you will be charged $89.31 every other month for two 60 count bottles unless you contact them to cancel prior to your “free trial” expiring. On the website it says, “Cancel anytime by emailing orders@alternascript.com or calling 888-784-9315.”

Final verdict about NatureThin| Is it a Scam?

According to our findings the manufacturer is legit as we mentioned previously they were situated in Texas. Also they also have customer support to take care of all your queries. Also they didn’t hide the ingredients used in their product like the scam products do. So it is not fair to say that it is scam.

But their marketing tactics is seems to be pretty scammy. As they offer free trial for 21 days. But as soon as the trail offer completes they charge you without giving any prior notice. So we think this is a pretty scammy way to get customers.

Also we were not at all please with their pricing as they charge $89.31 which is already a higher pricing for this type of product. But also they charge approx $8 for shipping which make it approximately $98 per bottle. That is really high pricing for these type of product.

So on final note we say that as we see many good things in these product, so we can say that the product is good. But we must say that we don’t recommend these type of product to any one. Only because of their scammy marketing tactics and really high pricing.

Still if like to give it a try just be careful, if you didn’t want to continue the product please cancel it before 21 days before your trial ends.

Alternative of NatureThin

As we mentioned above we don’t like the pricing and auto dropship method, so we like to give you its best alternative Garcinia Combogia Plus weight loss pills. Which is available only at $25 per bottle after discount. Also it provide free shipping also.No auto dropshipping scam.

Also Most Importantly its approved and made according to FDA Guidelines.

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