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Trevor Hiltbrand Smart X Cerebral Success Full Review – 2020

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Get Full review on Smart X Cerebral Success 

Trevor Hiltbrand’s Smart X Cerebral Success is a supplement that claims to help enhance one’s focus and memory. The young bespectacled entrepreneur behind the “brain pills”, college student Trevor Hiltbrand, pitched his business on Shark Tank in 2014.

SmartX Cerebral Success is a Brain Supplement with a premium blend of dietary supplements. Trevor Hiltbrand products geared towards making your brain faster and more efficient while improving overall brain health gives you the cerebral boost.

Trevor Hiltbrand products SmartX is a tiny memory pill for focus and concentration, it is meant for people who wish to improve the work of their brain. Usually, it is used by college students.

The product was created by Trevor Hiltbrand who was a student and lived with his friends in his college dorm room. He wanted to find a better supplement for students, so he asked for help from professionals.

However, Trevor Hiltbrand failed to get FDA approval. Means its not at all safe.

Also he developed another supplement which is for weight loss. Unlike Cerebral Success it is one the better products introduced by Trevor on shark Tank. That weight loss supplement is also known as “Miracle Weight Loss Pill” due to its effectiveness.

Get a brain-boosting supplement at the bottom of the article which is approved by FDA and it works wonders.

About Trevor Hiltbrand product Cerebral Success?

His product became popular after he came to the show. At that period of time, he started selling Smart X online through his own website and Amazon. To become even more popular, Trevor applied to participate on Shark Tank, a well-known American show.

Featured on the ABC TV show Trevor Hiltbrand shark tank Episode, creator of SmartX and founder and CEO of Smart X, Trevor Hiltbrand, first pitched his online brand of brain health supplements to the show’s entrepreneurs.

The SmartX formula, which includes B vitamins, bacopa, Cognizin citicoline, huperzine A and omega-3 DHA, among other ingredients, was designed as a study aid by Trevor Hiltbrand, who at the time was still a college student at Brigham Young University.

Part of the inspiration for the supplement was a desire to provide an effective supplement to help with focus and mental clarity, as well as offer a safe alternative to potentially dangerous and addictive pharmaceuticals, such as Adderall.

‘Shark’ and co-founder of Barbara Corcoran Venture Partners, Barbara Corcoran, believed in Smart X, and provided Mr. Hiltbrand with mentorship and a $75,000 investment in his company.

The support from this investment is what led to SmartX’s performance study and partnership with GNC. Furthermore, visibility spurred from the brand’s appearance on Shark Tank quadrupled online sales of the product the night of the episode’s premiere.

Commenting in an article on LinkedIn, titled “Spotting a Winner on Shark Tank,” Ms. Corcoran said, “I saw young Trevor for who he was—a kid who knew the prevalence and danger of college kids popping un-prescribed Adderall pills to get them through their exams. And he had a solution.”

The supplement promises to vitalize the user’s memory, focus, mental agility, and brain health in general. The official website of the product is professionally made. It lists only active ingredients contained in Cerebral Success and even superficially describes possible side effects. However, this information is not enough for a person who tries to decide whether this brain booster is suitable for them. So, let us have a look at the supplement’s ingredients.

Cerebral X Ingredients –Potential Side Effects

Cerebral Success contains a long list of ingredients. Here is the list of all cerebral x ingredients.


Huperzine is said to be a natural compound that helps to treat Alzheimer’s, memory loss, dementia, and other cognitive deficiencies. This component is extracted from the Chinese club moss Huperzia serrata It is used to prevent Acetylcholinesterase from destroying acetylcholine, a major neurotransmitter.

This compound has a great number of side effects which we discussed later.


Vinpocetine is another ingredient in this memory booster. This compound is naturally derived from the periwinkle plant. It is due to its ability to improve the blood flow to the brain. When blood circulation is good, the brain gets more oxygen which is extremely important for human memory.

This component should be used with caution by people who take medications for blood clotting regularly.


L-Tyrosine is a precursor to dopamine, affecting attention and learning. Researchers have tested L-Tyrosine with military cadets and subjects without any sleep. Results showed time after time L-Tyrosine shows a significant decrease in mental and physical fatigue.

As you can say it is a No sleep ingredient, therefore, it causes some issues regarding your sleep. As sleep is the most import part of your day to day life for your cells to recover and regenerate properly.


Phosphatidylserine is said to be a component of brain cells and is made by the human body. In addition, it is received from your food. Phosphatidylserine used in Cerebral Success was originally derived from cow brains. However, the scientists found out a method of getting it through soy.

As a matter of fact, this ingredient is also harmful to its adverse reactions.


Another ingredient in the product is Bacopa Monnieri (50% Bacosides A’B) which has not been proven completely as a beneficial compound for its cognitive functions. No studies show that its use can improve learning ability and memory. Bacopa Monnieri also leads to certain side effects and has a lot of interactions with other medications.

It means that you should not combine with the compound with other medications.


Cognizin® is a branded form of Citicoline – an essential substance for brain health. This ingredient works to enhance communication between neurons, maintain normal levels of acetylcholine, protect neural structures, and enhance healthy brain activity and energy

The safety of long-term use is not known. But some people can have side effects such as trouble sleeping (insomnia), headachediarrhoea, low or high blood pressure, nausea, blurred vision, chest pains, and others.


Glucuronolactone is an ingredient that can be found naturally in the human body. It is released as a result of glucose metabolism. According to the manufacturer, it shows better effects on mental performance when used in combination with caffeine and taurine.

As it uses Caffeine combination it relaxes your brain for few hours, so it feels like you become more active and your brain works faster. But, sadly that’s not the case. Instead, we prefer a cup of coffee which works better than this.


DHA is an essential nutrient for the human brain. It is promised to helps to maintain cognitive functions and brain fluidity and help in the maintenance of cognitive functions.


Schisandrin A is a natural component of the Chinese fruit, Schisandra Chinensis. In Chinese medicine, this little fruit is considered one of the 50 fundamental herbs. If you’re looking for a mental edge against the competition,

It can cause heartburn, upset stomach, decreased appetite, stomach pain, skin rash, and itching.


As THE most abundant amino acid within the body, this chemical plays a role in countless bodily functions. Among its many functions, studies have shown that L-glutamine plays a critical role in synaptic maintenance and plasticity, which contributes to learning and memory.

Common side effects may include:

  • nauseavomitingstomach paingas;
  • swelling in your hands or feet;
  • muscle or joint painback pain;
  • headachedizzinesstired feeling;
  • mild skin rash or itching; or.
  • dry mouthrunny nose, increased sweating.


Other components of the supplement are caffeine and L-theanine. These are the only ingredients in the product which have been studied well enough. Caffeine (80mg) really has a positive effect on concentration, focus, and general brain functions.

However, it can be very harmful to people with certain health conditions including heart disease, hypertension, etc.

L-theanine (100mg) has anti-stress effects and has a too mild action, so it should be used in combination with stronger components.


B-Vitamins are a separate class of vitamins necessary for the human health. They are known to be important for cell metabolism in the human brain. Vitamin B12 promotes neurological and psychological health, however, the dosage used in the supplement is unknown.

As you can see, most of the SmartX ingredients may carry potential dangers for the human health. The dosage of each of them is unclear.


Does Smart x Cerebral Success Have Any Side Effects?

The manufacturer of Cerebral Success tries to be honest when speaking about the side effects of their brain booster. They say that side effects are possible. As the supplement increases the blood flow to the brain, it can possibly worsen headaches.

Sometimes, this supplement may cause depression, jitters, nausea, and appetite suppression. It is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women. That is all, but in reality, the number of side effects seems to be unlimited if you take a look at each of Cerebral Success ingredients.

Huperzine A can slow the heart rate which can be a great problem for patients with the condition, thus, this ingredient is prohibited to people with heart disease. Huperzine A influences brain chemicals, so it can make epilepsy worse. Its usage might make GI blockage worse.

It should not be used by patients with a GI tract blockage and sores in the stomach. The same concerns people with peptic ulcers, lung conditions such as asthma or emphysema, as well as a urinary tract system blockage.

Another ingredient in the supplement, vinpocetine, should not be used by people who have a problem with blood clotting. This component might increase the risk of bleeding. It should not be taken at least two weeks before and after surgery, as well as by people with a weakened immune system.

Vinpocetine has a negative impact on the immune system by reducing the body’s ability to combat infections. Phosphatidylserine can cause insomnia and stomach upset, particularly at higher doses. As it is produced from animal sources, Phosphatidylserine could transmit mad cow disease.

Theanine may interact with medications for high blood pressure, stimulant drugs, etc. For this reason, you are recommended to consult your doctor if you are taking any medication on a regular basis before using samrt X.

Let us have a look at some of the real users’ reviews.

Cerebral X Price & Return Policy

As of this writing, Cerebral X was available through the manufacturer exclusively as part of a free trial pricing structure. This means that the initial supply will cost just $4.95 at checkout, which will kick off your 14-day trial. Now they are not giving a trial offer.

After this, you entered into the company’s autoship program if you buy from there site. This means you’ll continue to be charged this amount month after month until you call customer service to cancel at 888-963-8460.

As for the return policy, you can return the trial supply within the first 14 days, though no refunds are given for the shipping and handling fees. Outside of the trial period, only unopened, unused products are eligible for a return. You can call customer service at the number above to initiate this process.

Now cerebral x price is having 3 price structures. They billed the full product price of $65 for 1 bottle, 2 for $115 and 3 bottles for $150.

Where To Buy Cerebral Success?

This trevor hiltbrand shark tank products  Cerebral X having a bottle that contains 60 capsules. The official website sells it for $65. Buying two bottle you can save $15 by paying $115. Three bottles will cost you $150. You will save $45. The product can be also purchased on Amazon, GNC, Walmart and some other retail stores.

Amazon Link >>> Click Here

Reviews From Amazon Customers

  • ByRobin Johnsonon February 21, 2018

Verified Purchase

Bought one bottle to try and don’t feel anything that the others were saying they felt “immediately”.

  • ByLaken Robbon January 28, 2018

Verified Purchase

Made me angry, crazy mood swings. Wouldn’t buy again.

  • BySonitavalon July 18, 2016

Verified Purchase

It really did nothing for me. It did not help me study, it did not give me energy. I really didn’t feel anything.

  • ByMusseon October 15, 2017

Verified Purchase

it only works for me the first day i took it and after that it doesn’t work at all, $ 70 overpriced.

  • ByZackon March 14, 2016

Verified Purchase

I felt wired, not to mention had no idea of half the substances in the product. I did feel smarter but couldn’t sleep. If properly used I’m sure it could work the way it was intended.

My Final Summary of smartx cerebral success

Cerebral X is not the best brain booster not gonna give you any cerebral boost on the modern market because it is associated with a lot of drawbacks. First of all, many users write about negative effects and ineffectiveness of the supplement. Secondly, the use of the product can lead to a number of adverse reactions. Many customers write that Cerebral X is a scam. I cannot recommend this mental booster because there are many other products which can be helpful for the brain function.

“The product doesn’t work. It is obvious that the company tries to make money of scamming customers into buying the product online. Do not waste your money.”

“They put red and blue dye in this so-called brain-boosting supplement. I don’t think it is good for my body, that is why I returned the product the next day after receiving it.”

This product was not at all effective for me. No improvements in my cognitive functions at all. The product is fake. Besides, it has decreased my blood pressure too much.”

I have researched about Trevor Hiltbrand product and give you my genuine honest thoughts on it. Now you will decide you like the product or not.

Alternative of Cerebral XNootrogen

NootrogenAccording to our findings we found that Nootrogen is the one of the best brain boosting supplement. As Nootrogen is the groundbreaking development in Nootropics stacks that requires no prescription.

Through extensive clinical studies, research has identified 2 key natural compounds that when consumed together have remarkable effects on the brain and cognitive function. Dimethylaminoethanol and L-Pyroglutamic Acid.

Don’t know what a Nootropic is?

The age of smart drugs and nootropics is here. A nootropic is a substance that can increase memory, concentration, motivation, and mood or just about anything that is related to cognition and thought.

The benefits of Nootrogen include:

  • Boost memory recall
  • Improve focus and concentration
  • Increase brain processing speed
  • Calm nerves and anxiety

Order Nootrogen >>> Click here and get exclusive discount

Nootrogen is manufactured under GMP guidelines with  US FDA registered facility.


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