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Top 44 fat burning foods for women and men

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How many times have you tried going to the gym but found yourself bored and fat after two months? And are you looking for fat burning foods that help to lose weight for both men and women without spending lots of hours in Gym?

“I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say: Women tend to put on a little more body fat than men also women usually suffer more hormonal issues. Due to security issues and lethargic behavior, and they tend to have less in outgoing and become less in confident in who they are. But a very few lifestyle changes could go a long way specifically when it comes to food habits.

In this article, I’m going to tell you about the list of all the foods that boost up the metabolism and accelerates fat losses by having a thermogenic effect on the body. This may have been experienced by the body while consuming specifically spicy foods. These have been suggested by scientific research as well as the yogic practices of eastern India as the “pitta” food, complying food for a thermogenic source of reactions to bring about the dissolution of fatty cells.

Add crunch spice and nutrition in your fat burning regiment along with the muscle gain, body strength and mobility of your body. Some foods ignite the flames in the fat cells making them sweat and work them out. It helps you to reduce the stubborn belly fat and helps you to get leaner and slimmer by working out the stagnant muscles in our body as well as by adding several different fats, protein oils and herbs in your diet which will help you to workout faster and keep you more mobile and active throughout the day.

Some of these foods when incorporated with some yoga or weight training will suffice to boost up your metabolism and activate the fat burning process by catalyzing reactions in the lipid stores for energy which would eventually make you feel fuller for longer periods of time.

Consuming lesser but cleaner and high fibrous content food would certainly help you to increase focus, better sleep more spontaneous and fluid functioning of your liver. This leads to many benefits to your body like glowing skin, increase in stamina. And in the long-term, the consumption of fibrous food along with the regiment would give you a more fulfilled sense of living.

Let’s dive into and look at all the fibrous food and thermogenic fat burning foods for men and women.

Top Fat burning food for flat belly

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar:-

One of the most common household product that does miracles in your weight loss program is Apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is thermogenic in nature and shows the effects of fat loss just upon daily consumption.

Apple cider vinegar consists of acetic acid, which delays the dissolution of sugars making them non-digestant. Apple cider vinegar helps you maintain standard blood sugar levels over larger intervals. This also promotes the formation of proteins which cause fat loss.

Clinical trials and scientific studies concerning the use of Apple cider vinegar and describe the benefits and efficacy of this product: Source 1Source 2Source 3 and Source 4.

As Apple cider vinegar is having a strong pungent taste, hence it it is hard to consume it directly. So instead of taking it directly you can use its supplements i.e  Apple cider vinegar weight loss pills

2. Tamarind (Garcinia Cambogia):-

Tamarind is also known as Garcinia Cambogia. It is usually the base of sweet Asian cuisines and it is rich essential nutrients such as thiamin, phosphorus and iron.

Tamarind is a fruit of a leguminous plant which is rich in a potent compound called Hydroxy Citric Acid (HCA). HCA present in the fruits is responsible to block an enzyme that leads to the formation of fat tissues by processing of sugars and carbs.

Also you must take a look on government researches, clinical trials and scientific studies concerning the use of garcinia cambogia and describe the benefits and efficacy of this product:

Government research 

Source 1Source 2Source 3Source 4, and Source 5.

Garcinia Cambogia can be used as ingredients in your food while cooking but for the best results you should consumed it directly. As many of its useful micro nutrients may get lost during cooking.

Garcinia Cambogia is hard to swallow directly due to its taste, so you my take an alternative. You can use  Garcinia Cambogia weight loss supplements

3. Green Tea:-

Green tea contains a small amount of caffeine which shows a fat burning effect on the body. It boosts your metabolism increase the fat burning process by hyping the energy consumption up to 100 KJ when consumed as a pre-workout drink.

An antioxidant Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) is present in green tea responsible for effective use of hormones and neurotransmitter i.e norepinephrine. Norepinephrine causes thermogenic effects which in turn results in better metabolic function and in turn causes fat loss.

Other recommended fat burning food to lose weight

4. Coconut oil

Coconut oil contains large deposits of medium chain tri-triglycerides (MCT). Research has been shown that MCT helps to reduce fat deposition in our body.  That MCT’s are used as the first source of energy rather than depositing them as fat cells. MCT’s don’t enter the cholesterol cycle like other long chained acids.

Consuming coconut oil will eventually be able to reduce cholesterol levels. Coconut oils contain thermogenesis fat i.e MCT which enhances fat burn as well as reduce the obese fat belly.

5. Poultry Products

Poultry usually contains a class of smaller to medium-sized birds which are commercially consumed like: chicken, turkey etc. The meat from these birds is high in proteins and healthy fats also with the fact these are quite cheap and lean meats.

Consumption of higher amounts of proteins will lead to both strengthening of both muscles as well as the dissolution of fat with the thermogenic abilities of the food.

Higher protein diets also lead to consumption of a larger number of calories throughout the day.

6. Fish

Fishes and seafood contain rich amount of protein and healthy fats and oils which in turn make you feel fuller and will suppress your diet.

Leading to increased muscle strength and flexibility and will also produce myelin in your brains providing you with better cognitive abilities. Some of the best sources of protein in our diet being(tuna, salmon, mackerel).

7. Grapefruit

Consumption of this fruit usually leads to better insulin levels and formation of easily dissolvable lipids in the body. Grapefruit also encourages higher blood pressure and deprivation of fat in the body. The study showed that a significant reduction in glucose levels when half a fresh grapefruit was eaten before meals.

8. Eggs

Eggs are the most nutrient-rich whole foods that come pre-packed with all essential nutrients. Most importantly it conserves a large proportion of proteins and fats that are easily absorbable either you eat raw, fried or boiled. The perfect proportion of protein and fat makes it a perfect meal for breakfast.

Also, the cholesterol present in the eggs has a mere negligible effect on the blood cholesterol levels ad shown in  Studies. The fat burning properties of eggs come from these cholesterols helping in weight loss and provide better satiety and a clear and versatile food choice.

9. Nuts

Nuts contain a wide variety of nutrients, to be precise they provide nearly all the healthy oils and nutrients required by the body being recommended by every dieting and healthy regiment.

The body is incapacitated to digest some of the fats found in nuts. During the process of digestion and metabolization of energy, these undigested fats cause the body to burn about 10% more calories. Fats and protein possessed by nuts are not easily broken down so they suppress your hunger levels longer.

Some of the nuts contain trace metals and elements which have a significant effect on the metabolic system which governs the weight management of the body.

It is recommended to eat nuts in moderation in raw and cleaned condition as compared to fried, roasted or salted.

10. Turmeric

Ground and mashed turmeric with whole ones

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory and disinfectant qualities as it contains an active chemical named curcumin, which also provides a rich yellow color to the food as it is added to.

Curcumin also helps reduce insulin resistance, which for instance is the major cause of fat deposition in our body. Turmeric also helps in reducing the fat levels by regulating leptin secretion.

11. White or Black Chia Seeds

Chia seeds have been used for many centuries for reducing insulin resistance and regulating the metabolisation of sugars in the body. (source)

Chia seeds are highly rich in protein which in long-term consumption causes better metabolization of the larger fraction of calories.

They are the rich source of many nutrients selenium, copper, manganese, phosphorous,  zinc, calcium, iron and magnesium. They’re also rich in fibre making you fuller for longer periods of time.

12. Avocado

One of nature’s most nutrient-rich food sources and also dense in mineral-rich good fats. Avocados also reduce the chances of having metabolic issues. The healthy fats present in avocados help in metabolizing the foods easily as well as maintaining the body insulin levels.

Avocados consist of carotenoids which on consumption with other vegetables promote absorption of vegetable nutrients. Thos reducing fat deposition and improving metabolism.

13. Cinnamon

These delightful spicy hot and sweet stacks of pure deliciousness are extremely thermogenic in nature. It activates the lipids for dissolution and consumption of energy by metabolising them.

Cinnamon has been shown to help improve blood glucose levels. As cinnamon is rich in polyphenolics which usually positively affect blood glucose and insulin secretion. Cinnamon shows anti-obesity and antioxidant qualities, It also reduces insulin resistance and offers a protective brain mitochondria effect.

Cinnamon makes a great additive to curries, sweets, pies and smoothies.

14. Coffee

Coffee is one of the super foods you could consume for its thermogenic effect. Also Caffeine present in coffee boosts up your metabolism up to about 3-4 hours consuming about 10% more calories when it is not consumed.

Coffee can also be used as an anti-oxidant in the morning, the problem being the addictive qualities of caffeine and its adaptive behaviours also cause you to consume more coffee for than usual.

Coffee also shows an increased energy level during workouts if taken as a pre-workout drink.It also has high-fat burning qualities and boosts the metabolism of the body and at the same time helps in faster recovery times after a workout.

15. Oat Meal

Consumption of whole grains for the carbohydrates is as better as it gets.

whole grains are highly fibrous and take a longer time to get digested. This will suppress your urge to eat for a longer period of time.

Compared to processed foods and white carbs like rice and bread, the consumption of whole grains showed a 10% lower fat deposition. This is due to high fibre and slow food burning properties of whole grains.

16.Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potato is a rich source of Fiber, Complex carbohydrates & Essential vitamins & minerals.

Sweet potatoes also contain carotenoids which in turn help in absorption of other vegetable nutrients when consumed with a salad. carotenoids present in sweet potatoes also reduce insulin resistance.

This helps the body to store as less fat as possible when combined with a healthy yoga or weight training regiment.

Sweet potatoes also contain a large variety of vitamins like C,B6,B12 and vitamin A which would nurture the skin and the internals of the body.

17. White Tea

 All you were familiar with tea, but very few know about white tea. White tea was rich in antioxidant which helps the liver to metabolise fat faster into energy.

consumption of white tea before workouts and in the morning with an empty stomach has shown the effect of faster fat dissolution and lesser accumulation.

Also, the warm white tea charges up the metabolism when consumed in the morning providing you with an energetic bodily interface.

18. Berries

Blueberries and other local berries all contain good proportions of poly-phenolic anti-oxidants that boost lipolysis(breakdown of fats).

Berries also thin the blood out to a clear extent providing you with healthier blood flow and blood pressure.

Berries could also intensify the workouts and yogic practices you are involved in by generating better blood flow and while considerable increment in energy.

Berries catalyse liver functions improving metabolising of fat cells into energy and also providing you with a healthier liver at the same time.

19. Black beans

These beans consist of a slow digesting fibre that promotes healthy Gut by feeding the pro-active bacteria and reducing fat deposition by improving metabolism.

These beans are the best source for starch resistance hence provide lower sugar consumption.

Beans being greatest sources of soluble fibre provide a great gut and digestive health.

Black beans also have a thermogenic effect on the digestive system causing it to dissolve fat cells upon consumption.

20. Tomatoes:-Tomatoes contain two potent antioxidants i.e beta-carotene and lycopene.  The regular consumption of these anti-oxidants reduces blood toxicity, provides a better glowing skin and a slim waistline that you won’t be able to hide.

They promote deprivation in the deposition of fat cells around the waist by activating your metabolism process faster.

The detoxifying effect of lycopene is also useful for smokers and stoners as it clarifies toxic substance from your blood, providing you with better blood flow and good insulin levels.

These could also support your workout routine by providing better blood flow to the muscle.

21. Quinoa

Quinoa contains the whole chains of amino acids that are broken down by the proteins present in them.

Proteins present in quinoa can help you gain substantial muscle tone and as well as burn the fat around your belly upon consumption with a general weight training regiment.

Quinoa consumption also reduces stress levels and reduce insulin resistance, this effect allows lipids to convert into energy easily thus causing fat dissolution.

Quinoa Consumption also regulates your metabolism to a certain extent. This could also lead to better energy levels and balanced blood sugars.

22. Almonds

Almonds have a highly thermogenic property which upon consumption will lead to a more intense calorific burning rate.

It also contains compounds which stop the fat deposition in the body to a certain extent. These compounds help in better absorption of Protein and fat present the body leading to better muscle gains and lower fat deposition.

Combine the effect of muscle gain via weight training and eat almonds along with coffee before working out to increase endurance. L-arginine is the compound which allows you to burn more fat and gain more muscle is present in good proportions in almonds.

23. Water

One key component which most of us forget when it comes to fat loss and muscle gains is Hydration. Your body is composed of more than 70% of water which gets clarified and dilated more quickly when you consume more water.

Hence water is the best de-toxin and the most underestimated component of your diet. So keep yourself rehydrated throughout the day.

24. Lemons

Lemons were a rich source of vitamin-C and high proportions of antioxidants that will cleanse your skin and provide the shiny glow. Also, it provides you with better stamina if consumed on an empty stomach along with warm water.

Warm water along with lemons in the morning could do you wonders when it comes to weight loss and living a healthier lifestyle.

A home remedy that is used for many years is that consumption of higher quantities of water with lime can help you reduce weight due to lesser calorific consumption and better skin rejuvenation.

It also boosts up your metabolism and reduces insulin resistance.

25. Cold Potatoes

Potatoes, when boiled and served after refrigeration, will serve you like the best fat burning food as it could be. Due to crystallization of tubers in the potatoes, the starch becomes resistant to absorption hence making you feel a better sense of satiety.

26. Oysters 

Oysters are the best sources of zinc and protein you could find. Zinc present in the oysters has the ability to manipulate the hormonal activity of your body. For men consumption of zinc increases testosterone levels which indeed lead to having a more toned and muscular physique.

It has been shown by researchers that men with higher testosterone have a better physique and form a lower amount of fat deposition in their body.

27. Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is one of the most delicious sources of a full packed duel for the body.

Greek yogurt contains high protein, an adequate amount of fat and good proportions of calcium. Strengthening your bones and muscle.

Greek yogurt is also a good appetizer with nutrient dense structure so adding it as a muscle recovery food after a good weight training regiment could help you get rid of the cramps more easily.

They also reduce the amount of cortisol present in the body which is responsible for the fat present around the belly.

28. Spinach 

Spinach were greens are dense in nutrients which would nourish your body and reduce your calorific intake and encourage fat loss.

Spinach contains a rich amount of vital nutrients like Vitamin A, Iron and folate present in it, which shows a 25% reduction in your appetite. It helps in reducing the body fat index and get your BMI(Body to Mass Index) to a healthier value.

This leafy greens vegetable would fulfil your nutritional requirements of the body and detoxifies it at the same time.

29.Black Rice

Black rice or the forbidden rice is the new superfood for you. It is rare and a very old variety of rice which has been growing in India for centuries Black rice is a source of ironvitamin E, and antioxidants.  It is one of the cheapest sources of antioxidants after onions.

30. Plums

Plums are rich in flavonoids which help in reducing the action of fat deposition in the body.

Pectin’s present in plums is identical to fibres which increases the time for digestion. The high fibrous content also allows you to have better bowel movements.

These also regulate the blood sugar in the body and provide reduced insulin resistance.

31. Peanut Butter

Peanut butter contains generous amounts of protein and fats which in turn reduces cholesterol levels in the blood. It is one of the cheapest sources of protein and fat which would give you a longer sense of satiety.

The proteins present in peanuts breaks down into amino acids that trigger hormones that reduce deposition of fat around the belly region.

Plant-based proteins are easily digestible and reduce the metabolic issues that are caused by digestion of animal protein.

32. Garlic

Allicin present in garlic, which is a strong fat rendering compound. Which reduces the formation of fat cells and improves the rate of burning of fat cells.

Add garlic tea to your morning routine for a boost to your metabolism.

The activation of the liver’s metabolic function which reduces the amount of fat deposition and promotes good and steady blood sugar levels.

This helps you burn about 15% more calories than usual.

33. Olive Oil

Olive oil contains healthy fatty acids that upon absorption reduce inflation and maintain blood sugars. Consumption of olive oils also regulates the metabolism and restore digestive health.

The fat present in the olive oil is also great for skin.

Polyphenols present in the olive oil reduces production of two inflammatory enzymes  COX-1 and COX-2. Thus, Olive oil reduces inflation and reduces deposition of fat.

34. Pumpkin Seeds

 Effective fat burning requires balanced hormones for both men and women. Balanced hormonal physiology requires a better exercising regiment and consume micronutrients Pumpkin Seeds are rich in micronutrients like Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc.

Also, Pumpkin Seeds contains high magnesium levels which would promote fat loss in your body via lipolysis and adipogenesis process.

The micronutrient-rich pumpkin seeds allow better absorption of the vegetable nutrients as well as contain very few calories upon consumption.

35. Cottage Cheese

cottage cheese contains slow-digesting proteins which could be consumed as a late night snack. Slow digesting proteins allow you to feel fulfilled throughout the night, allowing you to sleep better and it also helps in muscle recovery after a workout.

Cottage cheese contains lactic acid and long chains of amino acids which break down and give you a longer sense of satiety.

36. Soup

Broth and vegetable-based soups before meals reduce the number of calories consumed during your meal. The soups contain vegetable/animal-based fats, fibres and water which reduce the consumption of a higher calorie food by about 15%.

The soups are low in calories and offer better satiety and digestive environment for the upcoming meal.soups also open up the taste buds for better flavours.

37. Mustard

Mustard is the most common thermogenic food that we all know. It can be eaten directly as seeds, oils or as sauces.

It contains various micronutrients and vitamins and is a strong anti-oxidant. So it also can be considered a superfood.

Mustard can boost up your metabolism up to 25%. So consider switching your oils to mustard oils.

38. Popcorn

Popcorn is one of the best weight loss snacking food. Yes, you heard it right, you can munch through pop-corns as they are very low in calories. Consuming large quantities of popcorn is gonna make you feel fuller for a longer period of time and keeping your calorie intake low.

Popcorns are rich in polyphenolic anti-oxidants so they will provide you with a more rejuvenated body after consumption as compared to other snacking options. Do not mix popcorns with butter or other fatty things, as they can increase your fat levels sharply

39. Apples

 Everyone must hear of a saying“ Eating an apple a day keep the doctor away.” Apples are rich in polyphenols and fibres that upon consumption increase the efficiency of metabolism and regulates better blood sugar levels.

Apples contain anagens and polyphenols which improves digestive health.apples also regulate lipolysis and adipogenesis process which ensures the reduction in obesity.

 40. Flax seed

Flax seed are dense in vegan protein and contain essential fats. The oil contained by flax seeds are identical to fish oils and it is a necessary supplement if you are going through and weight training regiment.

Toss some flax seeds and roast them before eating to activate the essential micronutrients and oils present in it. Flax seeds are high in fibre which aids in digestive health and promote satiety.

41. Broccoli

Broccoli is a flower based greeny vegetable, that adds a good proportion of protein and fiber to your diet.This soluble fiber is absorbed easily by the intestines and help you in weight loss, as you all read earlier as consumption of fibre and protein encourage weight loss.

Broccoli contains a whole lot of micro nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B12, vitaminB9  and vitamin K. It also contains folate(folic acid) and antioxidants which help to nourish the broken muscle tissues, improve your gut health, skin health.

The fiber present in the veggie helps boost the metabolism and decrease obesity in the long-term of consumption.

42. Kale

Kale is one of the superfoods in the leafy dynasty. It is rich in vitamin K and antioxidants.The high fiber leafy veggie can be consumed cooked or raw.

If you want to have all the minerals and add some supplements put kale in the blender along with some other greens and condensed milk to make a tasty smoothie out of it. This smoothie would be rich in vitamins fibers and micronutrients.

43. Whey protein

Whey is the liquid remaining after milk has been curdled and strained. It is a byproduct of the manufacture of cheese or casein. Whey protein consumption is one of the easiest ways to lose fat. Protein among all the macronutrient has the highest satiety index.

Whey protein would reduce the consumption of calories as it would make you feel fuller for a longer period of time. It would help you gain muscle and allow muscle recovery at an exceptional rate due to high protein density and high absorptivity of Whey protein through the digestive system.

Consumption of whey protein would regulate the blood sugar level and also reduce the insulin resistance. Whey is shown to have both improvements in lipolysis and adipogenesis.

44. Kidney beans

Kidney beans contain resistant starches that prevent absorption of simple sugars and regulates the saturation of blood sugars and delays the deposition of fat.

Kidney beans are rich in amylase inhibitors which help in the breakdown of complex carbohydrates. Kidney beans being a thermogenic food also promote fat loss.

These beans are rich in protein, fibre and healthy fat which allows your body to recover better and faster if consumed as a post-workout meal. Amylase present in kidney beans is used as a fat burning compound extensively.

So toss out some kidney beans along with some legumes and pressure cook them to make a nutrient dense high protein soup.

There are several food habits and several strict diets that would be highly effective when a person has several specific goals when it comes to fitness.

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