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Lose weight to earn money : 7 weight loss stories

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1. “I had tried everything else.”

“I came to HealthyWage as a result of it absolutely was one among the few diet techniques I hadn’t tried. I had tried everything else. I did it as an Associate in the Nursing experiment. At $20 a month, I had the answerableness of alternative diet programs for heaps less. And it worked. It’s the one issue that finally worked on behalf of me. And I’ve thought heaps concerning why that’s. Because, really, I did 1,000,000 alternative programs. and that I got excited concerning them whereas I used to be doing them. then again I wouldn’t stick it out. Ultimately, I feel I used to be trying to pay somebody to mend the answer from the surface. In the end, HealthyWage was the one issue that forced the American state to seem inward and fix it from within myself. There was work that required to be done, and no-one might try this work however American state.”


2. “I needed an extra bit of motivation.”

“When I found HealthyWage, I had simply had a baby, and that I was managing loads of fatty tissue on my body. loads of fat. and that I needed to begin [losing weight], however, I required an additional little bit of motivation. My sister found HealthyWage — I’m not even certain, however — however she started trying into it and thought, This truly feels like an honest plan. so I assumed, OK, let’s provides it with a trial.

“And I used to be terribly, terribly excited to succeed in the goal that earned ME the jackpot payout. That was amazing. so it had been even a lot of amazing as a result of I knew later regarding spherical 2. They sent ME associate email oral communication ‘If you didn’t lose all the load you needed to lose, we tend to currently provide spherical 2 for the HealthyWage jackpot.’ and that I thought, Well, yeah! There’s still a touch a lot of to travel. thus I’m doing it once more. What higher investment than to take a position in yourself?”


3. “The money aspect was something tangible to me.”

“You don’t change state as a result of and how money; you change state as a result of you choose to change state. however, the cash facet was one thing tangible to ME. each month, seeing the cash set out of our bills helped ME keep targeted. it had been the catalyst that becomes some serious action for [my woman and me]. we have a tendency to get concerned in an exceedingly athletic facility reception that’s become our hobby. rather than coming back home and observance TV or going bent eat somewhere, we have a tendency to visit the athletic facility along.”



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4. “It took away the ability to extend the timeline and make excuses.”

“One of my coworkers told Pine Tree State regarding HealthyWage, and, honestly, once she 1st told Pine Tree State regarding it, I used to be sceptical. I told her, ‘OK, well, if you truly get this cash, you let Pine Tree State grasp.’ and he or she did. She lost her weight and got her cash. I was like, ‘Well, that’s pretty amazing. OK, yeah, I’ll strive it.’ therefore I told my husband regarding it. He was additionally pretty sceptical regarding it. however we tend to aforementioned, ‘OK, let’s select it and see what happens.’

“Prior to HealthyWage, I might lose a bit and so gain a bit and so lose a bit and so gain a bit. The motivation to stay with it simply wasn’t there, or it’d are available waves. With HealthyWage, it not solely gave Pine Tree State a private weight-loss goal, however, it gave Pine Tree State a financial goal likewise. And cash may be a terribly powerful motivator! It took away the power to increase the timeline and build excuses. I couldn’t set an unsteady goal; there was a tough target I had to hit.”


5. “Let’s bet on ourselves.”

“My husband approached ME regarding HealthyWage. He’s an awfully economical person, thus he’s quite impelled by cash. we tend to knew we would have liked to lose some weight. I even have health problems. I even have sort two polygenic disorder. I take pressure level medication daily. I knew changes required to be created, however, I wasn’t positive a way to take the primary step. however my husband dear the concept of, ‘Hey, let’s back ourselves. this can very encourage the North American nation to try and do one thing.’

“And it did encourage me! we tend to instantly modify plenty of things. One 1st goal that I set was that I’d stop drinking all sugary drinks. If it had sugar in it, I wouldn’t drink it. I believed that wasn’t a giant deal as a result of I believed, I don’t drink that a lot of sugary drinks, however, I found the primary week that I had to mention ‘no’ every single day. I used to be truly drinking a sugary drink every single day: a juice, a tea, or one thing. It shocked ME. It created ME understand I truly build plenty of very poor selections daily, all the time.

“The whole was like I couldn’t do that massive, extreme factor. however once the time came, I lost fifty-two pounds. I won my fitness goal. I won $600, in my pocket. And my husband won yet. He truly lost eighty pounds. it had been an incredible expertise.”


6. “I said, in one year, I’m going to be able to do this race.”

“I place along my very own HealthyWage. I wasn’t trying to induce made, however it had been barely enough. I made a decision I used to be progressing to lose one year of my weight during a year. And to inform you what extremely sparked it: I had some friends that did a ginormous bike tour that goes across Iowa. It’s a large, immense seven-day tour. and that I told my friends that I might lie with. however, I couldn’t as a result of I used to be too massive. it had been terribly defeating at that time, wherever I same I’d do that then I simply couldn’t lie with. That’s once I determined to induce into HealthyWage. I said, in one year, I’m progressing to be able to do that race. which was the motivating issue. it had been healthy. For me, for my children, for my woman. however it had been conjointly for my friends, thus I might this. And currently I’m coaching for my initial century ride, that is one hundred miles!”


7. “I knew what to do. I just couldn’t find a way to actually do it.”

“In 2015, in June, I was in a car accident, and I rolled over. I fell asleep at the wheel. One of the reasons that happened is I was in such an unhealthy place. Before, I would always roll my eyes when anyone would say, ‘I had a moment of clarity’ or ‘I had a wake-up call’ or anything like that. But the car accident was an actual, real wake-up call.

“I already knew how to diet. I knew what to do. I just couldn’t find a way to actually do it. And so, at first, I joined a boot camp workout group. I lost about 40 pounds on my own. And then I saw a thing about HealthyWage on TV, and I thought, No. There’s no way. That can’t possibly be something that people give that amount of money for. So I went to their website and researched it. I thought it was kind of crazy, but I read every single legal print that they had. I did my due diligence! I felt confident that HealthyWage would be something that would be sustainably motivating, which had always been my issue: staying motivated.

“And I did it! I had almost a year with HealthyWage, and that helped me set up a really good system of checks in my life. It’s a habit now.”


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