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Extra pounds interfere with life, but you can’t lose weight. After eating lunch you want to eat again, doing sports doesn’t help. Most likely you have metabolic syndrome (decreased insulin sensitivity), your diet is rich in carbohydrates, and the trendy keto diet is just what you need! What is this diet and how to endure it, get back to normal weight and no longer get fat, our expert nutritionist Milana Bruzer is ready to explain

Milana Bruzer

is a nutritionist, nutritionist, author of articles and monographs on carbohydrate-free nutrition. 34 years of experience.


Excessive weight that you cannot influence is the first sign of metabolic syndrome. In this state, the body loses its sensitivity to insulin, the main hormone responsible for fat (lipid) metabolism. So much insulin is produced that the body is unable to burn stored fat.

98% of diets do not help metabolic syndrome. Training too. Just relax a little and eat an extra dessert, and you gain weight even faster.

According to the latest data, every 4th man and every 3rd woman that have excessive weight over 15 kg have metabolic syndrome.

Why Does it happen?

Reason # 1 – excess carbohydrates in the diet. You don’t have to overeat sweets and cakes to gain weight, sometimes even an extra chocolate eaten in excess of the norm can trigger this process. Therefore, no one is immune from metabolic syndrome. Even the young girls who “eat everything and don’t get fat.”

Thus, the only solution for metabolic syndrome is a complete or partial rejection of carbohydrates.

This is the principle behind the trendy keto diet. It is good because it is impossible to stay hungry on it. Although carbohydrates are forbidden, fat and protein foods can be eaten in plenty.



  • meat
  • fish
  • cottage cheese
  • eggs
  • cheese
  • nuts
  • vegetables
  • vegetable oils


  • cereals
  • fruits
  • baked goods
  • sugar
  • pasta
  • potatoes
  • honey
  • chocolate
  • juices, soft drinks
  • alcohol
  • foods with trans fats (margarine, mayonnaise, etc.)

Other diets are powerless against metabolic syndrome!

The meaning of 98% of diets is to reduce the calorie content of the diet, excluding the chemical composition of the food and its nutritional value. Maximum, they will help remove excess water or temporarily lose 2-3 kg.

And only a keto diet eliminates the root cause of your obesity – a metabolic failure caused by an excess of carbohydrates.

In conditions of carbohydrate deficiency, the body enters ketosis is a special state when the body receives energy not from food, but from its own fat reserves, and you are actively losing weight. The main source of energy is ketone bodies: substances that are formed in the liver from consumed fats and your fat “depots” at the waist and hips. Ketone bodies nourish internal organs, muscles and the brain instead of the usual sugar and other carbohydrates.




With hundreds of advantages, the keto diet has only 2 disadvantages:

  • in the first days you really want something sweet (there is a high risk of falling for it)
  • Entering ketosis occurs, on average, in 14-30 days

But there is a way to maintain the diet comfortably and lose weight 2-3 times faster.


At the heart of Keto Bullet – instant coffee, chicory and coconut pulp. To quickly achieve ketosis and lose weight, the drink is enriched with chromium picolinate ( popular and effective fat burner) and ketogenic MCT oil.

With Keto Bullet carbohydrate levels drop along with appetite. And when you don’t feel like eating (even that fruity cake!), ketosis sets in faster, and fat from the waist and hips goes away before our eyes. And all this – without harm!

With Keto Bullet, the body reaches ketosis in 2-4 days. Even if your keto diet is not too strict and you can afford to eat a sweet tea roll or a fruit snack.

Instant coffee

Fills the drink with excellent taste and aroma, gives a boost of energy and vigor for the whole day

Suppresses hunger, reduces appetite, removes toxins from the body, normalizes blood sugar levels
MCT oil
Helps you reach ketosis faster, provides additional energy, improves memory and attention, improves performance
Coconut pulp extract
Replenishes vitamin deficiencies and useful micronutrients
Chromium Picolinate
Accelerates calorie burning, facilitates weight loss, reduces body fat, relieves sugar cravings

Within 2-3 days of daily intake Keto Bullet Insulin levels drop to normal, metabolism is restored and metabolic syndrome subsides. After 2-3 weeks, weight returns to normal, the abdomen becomes flatter, the hips and buttocks are slim and toned. 

As soon as Keto Bullet went on sale, my clients with metabolic syndrome immediately loved it

Lior, 27 years old

Been taking antipsychotics – the insulin skyrocketed, so I gained 40 kg in less than a year. I began to go to the rocking chair every day, no use whatsoever, the belly grew by leaps and bounds. I wanted to eat all the time, I could hardly restrain myself not to gobble up a couple of hamburgers for the night.

I realized that this would not go on forever. Went to see a nutritionist. There I was advised to go on a keto diet, and in order not to break down – start using this drink.

You need to drink it every day, 1 glass per day. Pour in hot water, drink instead of coffee. I have been drinking it for 3 months already – 30 kg are gone! I will continue until I reach 75 kg.

Sara, 55 years old

The climax has passed but the problems are not over. Began to crawl at the waist and shoulders.

Decided to go on a keto diet. But it’s hard to withstand it “dry”: the soul simply requires sugar! On the keto forum I was advised Keto Bullet – a drink that regulates insulin and reduces the appetite. In less than a month I lost over 20 kg, 15 cm at the waist – as if it never happened!

Im still on keto, I have never lost it. And I don’t want anything forbidden: because of Keto Bullet you eat like a bird!

Liza, 64 years old

Against the background of ailments (hypertension, metabolic problems, insulin spikes), the weight went up. In January, I weighed 107 kg and was 160 cm tall.

Now I have limited carbohydrates and drink keto coffee to lose weight Keto Bullet. It is compatible with my medicines and gives amazing results! In 3 months I became even thinner than in my youth! 35 kg are gone!

And best of all, the Keto Bullet doesn’t cost more than your business lunch. Chicory, coffee, chromium picolinate and MCT oil are inexpensive and readily available ingredients.

But Keto Bullet is not yet being sold offline. You can buy it only on the manufacturer’s website.

By the way, I have a gift for subscribers: 50% discount on Keto Bullet from this site. If you have been trying to lose weight for a long time and it hasn’t been successful, and diets are difficult for you, right now you have a chance to tidy up your body and health.

Hurry up!

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