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How to reduce belly fat in 7 days

lose belly fat fast

Are you were looking to lose your belly fat within a week?

Very often it happens to all of us, that we were very busy in our work and missing out our gym routine because of our laziness. And suddenly you realize that you have to attend a wedding or some event. You want to wear your favorite dress but worried about your flabby stomach bulging out. So if you like to lose your belly fat and want to have slimmer waistline just make few small changes in your daily lifestyle i.e follow your exercises routine and diet plan religiously to see results in a span of a 7 days. But if you don’t follow your routine strictly you don’t get any results even after many years.

We see many people who were overweight and have big tummies. But this is not only the case of people who were overweight, this remains the case of people having normal weight and want to reduce their belly fat. Losing your belly fat is unfortunately more harder than losing weight. Regardless of your age and health condition no matter what, you can reduce your belly fat dramatically. With your stomach belly the real problem is fat, our stomachs have way too much fat. We need to focus more on burning the fat from our belly region and you will see enormous results.But if you were over weight then we suggest you to first concentrate you to lose weight. If you don’t lose your weight, then no matter what you were not gonna lose your belly fat anyway. You can use some weight loss supplements for losing weight along with our suggested plan to get your desired results.

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The main SECRET to burn fat is to have a good metabolism! Having a good metabolism will help your body to burn fat faster and helps you to get your desired results within a week.
A good metabolism helps to get rid of stubborn fat especially from lower portion of the stomach below the bellybutton

Tips To Reduce Belly Fat in 7 Days

1. Small Meal Size

Eating small meals not only helps you reducing belly fats, but also helps you to lose weight. You should eat small meals but often, increases your metabolism and helps you to lose fat rapidly.
Women should not eat or drink more than 400 calories and for men should not have more than 500 calories in one meal. If they have more than this required quantity of calories,they were gonna stored as fats in your body.

2. Eat more fiber rich food

Having more fiber in your food helps you greatly for losing your belly fat and also for weight loss. Fibers slows down the process of releasing the digested food of your stomach to the Gut. Thus your stomach will be full for longer time and you fell less hunger. Fiber also maintains proper blood sugar levels and helps to reduce hormone imbalances too! Thus improving our metabolism.

Typically our body requires 25g of fiber per day but generally our fiber intake per day is just 10g. So, to fulfill our fiber requirement eat plenty of fruits and vegetables (not juices) and switch to 100% wholegrain or whole meal breads and cereals.

3. Drink More Water

Drinking Plenty of water greatly helps to flush toxins from your body which improves your metabolism. It also helps to reduce your appetite helping getting flatter tummy.

Drink at least 4-5 liters of water per day. This will do miracles to your body.

4. Minimize the Salt intake

You can minimize the water retention in your body by reducing sodium intake. More fats will flush out of your body as water retention decreased by the fat cells in  our body.

5. Reduce Carbs In your meal

By reducing the consumption of carbohydrates (sugar) in your daily food can help weight loss and lean belly.
Also at  evening our body become less active and burn less blood sugar. Therefore we should reduce carbohydrates intake and focus more on lean proteins (poultry, eggs, cheese and fish) and essential fats (fish, nuts and seeds).

6. Take Plenty of Sleep

Take at least 7-8 hour of quite and pleasant sleep daily. Along with your diet plan your sleep is also very important. Studies have shown that lots of fat accumulates around the waistline due to sleep irregularities. Decreased sleep duration and poor sleep quality to increases obesity, While proper sleep helps you to shed unwanted fats from your body.

7. Avoid stress and alcohol

Studies shows that stress and anxiety cause the over-production on certain hormones named cortisol, which encourages increase in belly fat. Also for a perfect belly stay away from alcohol. Alcohol increase toxin levels in body and adversely effect your metabolism.

8. Detox your Colon

Also you must have good metabolism to melt your body fat fast. For that most important thing that you keep in your mind that you must have healthy gut which is very essential to for healthy digestion of food. It helps to dissolve your unwanted fat from your body.

For Healthy gut you should detox your colon which removes toxic substances from your gut and from your body.

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# Common Mistakes

When anyone think about weight loss or losing the belly fat the worst mistake that everyone probably do is extreme dieting(under-eating). There is no need to make your body to starve for food for losing belly fat. It is simply making your metabolism even worse and cause many health related problems.

If you really want to do dieting you should never go below 10 calories per pound of your ideal weight. So if
you your ideal weight is 9 stone (126 lbs) then do not eat less than 126 x 10 = 1260 calories daily and if
your ideal weight is 10 stone (140 lbs) then do not eat less than 140 x 10 = 1400 calories daily!

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