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constipation and weight loss

constipation weight loss

Do you know that your sluggish bowel movements can prevent you from losing weight? And does constipation cause weight loss?

Yes it’s true, slow metabolism and constipation is the worst and common metabolism disorders which can get in the way of your weight loss Program. And you all may be amazed to know that constipation and weight loss are also co-related. Proper bowel function is at least 2 to 3 movements per day. Less then this and you are officially constipated. Constipation will cause toxicity and inflamation in your body especially your glands like the thyroid gland, liver and adrenals glands. Inflammation and toxicity will affects the ability of your body to lose weight in several ways.so if you  suffer from constipation you must not ignore it and take some immediate action.

Slow metabolism and constipation is a major problem of your digestive system. There were several reasons that may be the causes that is involved in your constipation. Most common causes are stress, low fiber intake in your diet, food allergies,  medicines, poor thyroid function, imbalanced gut bacteria, excess calcium intake and many others. Based on the standards you can literally figure out what degree of constipation you were having. If you were having bowel movement in every 3 or 4 days then you were in a state of emergency. It may have many destructive effect on your body, you may feel less in energy, may health related problems also can effect your weight loss.

Weight Loss & Constipation

While most people have a bowel movement every day, but if you were having your bowels in 3-4 days then it is a matter of concern. Constipation means that  you were having your bowel movements less than usual or having difficulty in moving their bowels. Constipation with weight loss can be due to a number of reasons. This may be due to the change in your diet plan for losing weight and if you are losing weight without any effort, then it may be the cause of concern and requires medical attention promptly.

How constipation effect weight loss and our Health

Toxic substance gets absorbed

When the bowels are not cleared(excreted) regularly the waste materials contains toxic materials of our body. Since these hormones and toxins are not cleared out by our body they get re-absorbed by the body. Thus it leads to increases in toxic levels in our body.

Bacterial outgrowth in colon

Diverticulosis is a disease when Bowel pockets called diverticula forms in the walls of your digestive tract. This may develop in your intestine when apply too much pressure or “straining” to push poop out. Often there is reduction in muscle contraction on the walls of these pockets. Also this is the place where digested food collects to rot or ferment. This process of rotting food in your bowels is very harmful as it leads to the growth of several harmful pathogens such as parasites, bacteria and fungus. The bacterial growth and toxicity of non-removed body wastes leads to increase in toxicity which leads to inflammation in the gut.

Obesity due to leaky gut and Inflammation

Due to the toxins and inflammation the inner wall if intestine weakens, thus cause a “leaky gut”. In this situation the intestinal lining becomes “leaky” which allows the undigested food like excess proteins, toxins, LPS, cholesterol and fats to get through and mixed into bloodstream and lymph. The immune system then cranks up inflammation in response. This increase in toxicity and systemic inflammation will gonna affect organs and glands of your body and dis-balance their functionality. Thus the gland which produce hormones in your body were badly effected like pancreas which produce insulin were not able to produce insulin. Hence it leads to increase in obesity.

Gut bacteria imbalance

Toxicity and inflammation in the bowel cause imbalance in the gut bacteria which plays an important role in digestion of food and maintaining many functions in our body such as metabolism, energy use, hormone regulation, appetite, mood health, integrity of the gut lining, inflammation and insulin resistance.

Imbalance in the sugar level our blood

Blood sugar levels are controlled by a hormone named insulin. The main role of insulin is to use the sugar (glucose) present in our blood to give us energy for work. Systemic inflammation blocks the insulin receptors, thus our body become resistant to insulin.as a result the sugar present in our blood will not able to convert into energy Instead our body uses fat for energy which leads to increase in blood sugar levels. The most common signs and symptoms that our body become insulin resistance (IS) are belly fat and weight gain. In addition to this, belly fats are biologically active tissue that produces its own hormones and inflammation. So essentially the belly fat creates inflammation and the inflammation creates more fat in a vicious cycle.

Not having control on your Appetite

Due to Systemic Inflammation of the hypothalamus you can became resistant to leptin. Leptin is a Hormone that Regulates Body Weight and helps to regulate energy balance by inhibiting hunger or makes you feel full. When you became resistant to leptin than it hard to satisfy your hunger, thus you feel more and more hungry. Thus you tends to overeat every time.

Cause Thyroid problems

One of the most important gland in our body is thyroid gland which secrete thyroid hormones, which maintain are body metabolism. Thyroid gland is very sensitive to toxins. Due to the leaky gut the protein molecules and toxins get into our blood stream which cause in development of an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s disease.Inflammation from Hashimoto’s disease, also known as chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis. It is often leads to hypothyroidism due to inactivity of thyroid gland. During constipation excess estrogen in our body is not able to clear properly. This leads to increase in estrogen levels in our body thus effecting thyroid-binding globulin (TBG) levels and decreases the amount of thyroid hormones in our body. So in order to stop thyroid related problems you all must have a healthy gut. Most common symptoms of an less active thyroid gland are weight gain, constipation and slower metabolism.

Decrease in oxygen supply

Increase in Toxicity leads to decrease in delivery of oxygen throughout the whole body. Decrease in oxygen levels also results in depleted energy levels. Depletion  of energy not only effect your working capabilities but also also effect your digestion process badly.

After reading this would you agree that moving the bowels regularly and keeping them clean is the first action step to long term weight loss? I most certainly do. So whether you have tried multiple diets and still struggle to shed the unwanted insulation, or if you are about to embark on a weight loss program ask yourself if the bowels need a bit of TLC. Guaranteed if unhappy bowels are not attended to, your results will be unsatisfying or simply non-existent.

Key Points to keep in mind

Constipation cannot be cured overnight but it can be treated over a period of time. So it is vital to keep record of your progress that keep your motivation high. Then start with chewing your food more, drinking enough water throughout the day (1L per 100 lbs bodyweight) and checking your meal size (men should never exceed 500 calories and ladies 400 calories at any one meal).

Next you must keep your fiber levels high in your diet, use more of fruits, vegetables, pulses (beans, peas and lentils) and whole-grains.Switching  food items to whole-grain cereals and breads can add more roughage (fiber) to your diet. This will helps you a lot in your digestion process and clearing your bowels.

If you don’t see much improvement in your condition, then we suggest your to have foods at your meal with the highest water content first and then the next highest and so on. Foods should be eaten in the following order (however most likely you will not have all types at any one meal) – raw vegetables first, then cooked vegetables, then potatoes, then grains, the pulses, then nuts and seeds and finally meat, fish and poultry. Fruit should never be mixed with other foods and should always be eaten on its own as a snack!

If you still have no signs of improvement after that, then please contact to discuss further progress because at that stage more individualized analysis is usually required. Remember constipation is a chronic disorder and needs to be corrected urgently!




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