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BioLean Garcinia Review | Does Bio Lean really works- 2019

Biolean Garcinia

What is BioLean Garcinia?

BioLean Garcinia is a dietary supplement. It is made from Garcinia Cambogia extract. The supplement is said to offer you 60% HCA, which is good potency.

But it is not clear how much of the active ingredient you actually get. They were not clearly mentioning the quantity  of Garcinia Cambogia extract is present in it and same that for other ingridients. So it is kind of hiding the proper ingredients and its quantity.

It is also not clear mentioned by the manufacturing company where these supplements have been made. The supplement is said to be made in the USA but, there is no proper location or production house has been mentioned.  So without knowing where they are located it is hard to trust such claims of a supplement.

Also, there is no mention of any money back guarantee. All you see is a “satisfaction guarantee” whatever that means.You cannot just buy such things outright. To buy it you will need to sign up for a 14 day trail which converts to a full payment and a monthly membership if continued. This will convert the customer into auto drop ship of the product until you cancel the the membership by calling it to their support staff. So it sounds like very familiar to auto drop ship scam.

Now we come to the cost of Biolean Garcinia, It cost around $75/ month as your trial period ends and i heard few reviews that they charge you even before your your trial ends. So its kind of a no from my side as $75 weight loss supplement is too high in costing.

Fake Endorsement of Melissa McCarthy – Biolean Garcinia

Melissa McCarthy is looking great, but that’s thanks to hard work and not some “magic bullet” pill or potion! DO NOT purchase this product based on these FAKE celebrity endorsements!

Melissa McCarthy is looking great, but that’s thanks to hard work and not some “magic bullet” pill or potion!

DO NOT purchase this product based on these FAKE celebrity endorsements!

Any time a celebrity loses weight, scammers are quick to grab up their before and after pictures and cobble them together to pitch their worthless “miracle” weight loss products. Melissa McCarthy’s pictures appear on a number of these sites and Biolean Garcinia is just the latest.

This one landed in my email inbox with the subject line, “Melissa McCarthy Finally REVEALS Her Secret” and the sender is listed as “Dr. Oz shares his secret.”

The page, which was posted by an affiliate marketer, attempts to look like the CNN site and it features a before and after picture of “Amanda Haughman, a student at Cornell University.” A quick search online shows that the same picture of “Amanda” currently shows up on 28 other sites.

In truth, the photos are of Rachel Graham – a Nova Scotia, Canada woman who lost over 90 pounds through a lot of hard work. You can check her out on Instagram and see an article in US Magazine about her here. (Look at the URL and you’ll see this is actually the US Magazine site and not another scam site imitating a real site.)

I also checked out the other before and after images and they are ALL BOGUS. Don’t believe it OR the “CNN interview” with Amanda. It’s all a fabrication.

Typical of these types of cons, there’s a “free trial” offer that says you’ll pay for shipping and handling only. BEWARE – the Terms of that trial include the following:

“When you place your initial order by checking that you agree to the terms and clicking the “Rush My Trial” button , we will send you 1 bottle (a 30 day supply) of our product and you will be billed $4.95 shipping.

 If you don’t cancel your Bioleans Garcinia trial before the end of the 14-day trial time, you will be charged the full price of $79.97 for the trial product in hand.

You will then be shipped a recurring 1 months supply every 30 days starting approximately 36 days from the day of your initial order and will be charged $84.92 product and shipping for each recurring product that is shipped to you until canceled.“

Final Conclusion of Biolean Garcinia

It a complete no for this weight loss supplement as it is doing some fake celebrity endorsement and also not trust worthy  looks similar to a Auto drop ship Scam. And its pricing is way lot higher than other weight loss supplements.

We recommend our readers do not fall for any free trail scams like this. Once you order the product thinking that its a free trial, then youinto the trap of scammers. They charge your credit card 100’s of dollar every month without your permission. So Beware of it.

Alternative of biolean garcinia cambogia

There many other good alternative available in market, but we recommend you to have those weight loss supplements which were trusted and already used by the people. Also must have good reviews from the people.

So our recommendation is Garcinia Cambogia PlusAccording to  health benefits , “The active ingredient in it will helps in fat-burning and cut back appetite.”

This graph summarizes the weight loss results from nine studies on garcinia cambogia. Healthline also confirms the weight loss From garcinia cambogia.

The main ingredient of this weight loss supplement is the clinically-tested formula of pure Garcinia Cambogia extract, which works with many other useful natural ingredients that help to eliminate fat storage in our body. Users fo this weight loss pill start seeing results as soon as the end of the first and second week after trying this diet pill.

As it is also recommended by healthline and we also recommend this product as alternative.

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