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Save Guard Medical Alert System Reviews – Get Emergency Help Fast

Save Guard Mobile Medical Alert is a small personal safety pendant with a button to reach out instantly to emergency services without the need for cell phone service. It has a device medical alert system with GPS and will notify emergency service, help the subscriber reach out to their loved ones for help, and ensure that they are safe.

What is the Save Guard Mobile Medical Alert?

Everyone wants to feel safe in the event of an emergency, which is why security systems have become so helpful and important. However, as consumers age, the risk of an emergency or a health issue arises exponentially more likely. Many different medical alerted products have emerged on the market to help individuals who may be home alone or unable to reach their phones when they need assistance. However, Save Guard takes emergency support to a new level.

Save Guard Medical Alert – 24 Hour Alert System

One of the most important features of the Save Guard system is that it’s backed by a 24-hour monitoring center. The monitoring operation isn’t outsourced and handled by a professional staff. So you or your beloved ones will able to reach out instantly to emergency services without the need for cell phone service.

When an emergency arises, Save Guard can quickly send emergency services in the user’s area or reach out to a predetermined neighbor or family member that can check on the user. Regardless of who the user wants to contact, the dispatcher will stay on the line until that person arrives.

The device is equipped with GPS tracking, and the user will be able to speak with the representative with the two-way voice technology. It doesn’t matter if the user slips and falls, is in the middle of a house fire, or has some other type of medical emergency; help will be there quickly. Save Guard can even call 911 and the local police if the user’s home is burglarized.

The subscriber receives a pendant with a button on it that they will press in the event of an emergency. This pendant can be easily worn on the wrists or around their neck to quickly notify the dispatch center of their location in their home. It can safely be worn throughout their home, in their front or backyard, and through hallways without inhibiting the services. It is even safe to wear while showering or swimming.

Cost of the Save Guard Mobile Medical Alert

The creators of this program want to make sure that all users can get the medical support and emergency services that they need at any time, which is why there is such a great deal today. Though the medical alert device is typically priced at $199.95, it is currently being shipped out at no cost for the device, you will get the device completely free. The only cost of the user is the subscription to monthly monitoring services, which is $44.95. Users will need to continue paying this fee each month to maintain their assistance without interruption.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Save Guard Mobile Medical Alert

How does the Save Guard system work?

Combined with the monthly service package, this program specifically adheres to what the user needs. Consumers can choose from a home unit, a traditional landline unit, and even a cellular in-home team. As long as the user has a subscription, they are provided with the support they need in a medical emergency.

What if the user is outside of the room that the console is kept in?

That is not a problem at all. The mobile devices can track where the user is, dispatching emergency services immediately, or reaching out to one of the preprogrammed individuals that are meant to be contacted in these situations.

Can the medical alert system unit work outdoors?

Yes. The in-home unit can alert emergency needs on the property, while the mobile devices can alert from anywhere.

What if the user is unable to press the button to alert of their needs?

Subscribers can purchase fall detector devices, which are incredibly beneficial to individuals who have epilepsy, fainting spells, or other reasons that could prevent them from pressing the button.

When the subscriber calls for help, who will respond?

Users will hear a Save Guard specialist speak to them through the console, even though they are located at the care center. If the subscriber needs support or its services, the specialists will reach out to the local responders and stay with the subscriber on the call while they wait.

How did the paramedics get access to the user inside the home?

When subscribers sign up, there is a lockbox option available that will contain the key to their home outside. This steel box is incredibly durable, and the operator at the monitoring center will provide the paramedics or other emergency personnel with the code. By having this lockbox, subscribers don’t have to worry that responders will have to break into their homes and cause any other damage. The lockbox can be rented for a monthly fee or ordered as a one-time purchase.

Will users get in trouble for accidentally setting off the alarm?

When the user receives the call, they can notify the operator that the button was pressed in error. No emergency services will be sent out.

Is coverage available in rural areas?

Yes. Save Guard services any area in the United States; those specific locations may not be eligible for the mobile units.

How is the unit meant to be plugged in?

Clear instructions are provided with the unit when it is delivered. Anyone with questions about the installation or that would like to test it out can reach out to the customer service team at 1-800-716-1433.

Is any special equipment needed for the medical alarm installation?

No. All of the supplies that are needed for the installation are provided with the unit.

How long will users have to wait to get help?

The average wait time for a response is approximately 25 to 30 seconds. Users will not have to wait any longer than one minute.

What if the user has technical issues with the system?

If the user has questions about their system or has any technical difficulties, they can call customer service. However, if the problem cannot be fixed over the phone, a new unit will be sent out.

What is the size of the medical alarm pendants?

The pendant is 3 inches wide and 3 inches tall.

Final Thoughts on Save Guard Medical Alert System

Save Guard sets itself apart from other medical devices by providing coverage wherever the user may need it, both inside and outside. Users select the type of subscription they want to have, which will determine the areas they can get help. The button is easy to use, and the friendly customer service team is available for any other concerns to ensure that this device works properly. Having a device that can notify loved ones and emergency services as needed allows many senior citizens to maintain their unique independence without the risk of becoming hurt without help.

Over 500,000 people have already become happy customers of Save Guard, thanks to over two decades.

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