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Noom Weight Loss

We’re now easing out of lockdown, it’s definitely NOT the time to be starting a faddy diet or quit booze (hello, garden picnics!) – but instead, thinking about eating healthier and moving more. And one diet that’s got everyone talking is Noom. Considered one of the best diets, fitness, and weight loss plans it’s like having a PT and nutritionist all in one app – and has helped over a 1.5million people lose weight.

Intrigued? Don’t worry, we’ve got everything you need to know about the Noom weight loss programme…

First things first, what is Noom?

Dubbed the ‘sustainable weight loss and fitness plan’, Noom differs to other diets as it focuses on changing behaviours, rather than cutting out foods and following an intense fitness schedule – all recommended by a team of nutritionists, personal trainers and behavioural psychologists.

The programme is all about developing a healthier relationship with food and fitness. No, that doesn’t mean you can gorge on doughnuts and takeaways and still lose weight, but instead helps users to make balanced diet choices and why some foods are recommended over others.

The Noom programme lets the user create their very own personalised calorie breakdown, based on lifestyle factors, track foods, log exercise, weight, blood sugar and pressure and get access to one on one health coaching too.

OK, but how does the Noom plan work?

Firstly, go to Noom’s website and answer a series of questions, including your age, height, current weight and how much weight you’d like to lose. This is followed by a quiz looking at your habits and behaviours, and basic questions about your current health activity.


After payment, it prompts you to download the app and start to log what you’ve eaten during the day, choosing from the app’s database of food, to then show you how many calories you have left to eat each day, including from protein, carbs and fat. Plus, it asks for access to your Health app, to track fitness, and asks you to log your weight too.

The one thing that really sets Noom apart is the accountability factor – it provides positive reinforcements and coaching to help keep you on track. Users love that it has a realistic approach to weight loss and healthy eating, making it more sustainable instead of restricting foods or banishing ‘bad’ treats.

You get rewarded too, for eating nutrient-dense, wholesome foods with its colour coded system – the more ‘green’ colour-coded foods you eat, the more you get rewarded. Who doesn’t love pocket praise? Yellow and red foods aren’t considered ‘bad’ but the app makes you aware that they’re calorie-laden and less filling.

Is Noom effective?

Users that commit to the plan and are truthful with logging their food have lost weight with the app – but most importantly, it helps to change eating habits for good.

Logging your foods, and seeing what you’re eating and when will help you see patterns and behaviours and encourage you to eat less of the ‘red’ labelled foods, and more ‘green’.

Is Noom any good?

Over 50million people have downloaded Noom, so the numbers would say yes! Also, if you’ve got lockdown cooking fatigue, it has a database FULL of healthy recipes plus has a wealth of health articles to help keep you on track or give you some health and fitness inspiration.

Is Noom free?

Noom offers a 14-day trial for as little as £1. Afterwards, personalized Noom plans start as low as £16 per month, depending on plan length.


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