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Make money From Amazon and Esty using Coloring Mandalas Patterns Pack

What is Adult Coloring Mandalas Patterns Pack?

This Done For You, Ready To Publish Coloring Mandalas Patterns Pack will Help you sell printable on Amazon, Etsy or any other platform. You will get the full right to use this 50 Mandala pattern printable that you can use to sell this product on print on Demand platforms. You can use this designs to sell your tshirts or any other print on demand products.

What will you get in Mandalas Patterns Pack?

  • 50 Unique, High Quality Coloring Mandalas Patterns
  • PLR Commercial Use License
  • High Quality Images Delivered in a ZIP file
  • Unlimited Print on Demand License
  • Create Adult Coloring Mandalas books
  • Fits perfectly on any 8.5″x11″ page or A4 page

You know already that the Coloring Mandalas Niche is Huge on both Amazon and Etsy! So get in on the craze with these unique Coloring Mandalas Patterns.

 Click Here to Get access to Mandalas Patterns Pack


You can publish these Coloring Printables as your own!

  • Sell these printables on Etsy (or your own website!) 
  • Use as printables and giveaway as lead magnets (freebies to get people to opt into your list) on your website/blog! 
  • Create books to sell on Amazon KDP! 
  • Mix and match these with other coloring patterns you may have, and create mixed coloring books! 

          Coloring Mandalas Printables and Books are very popular…

This is EXACTLY why you’re  getting this special opportunity right now, to get 50 high quality Coloring Mandalas Patterns to add to your products.

This Coloring Mandalas Patterns Pack Saves SO Much Time!

No time consuming research – just put them in the order you want and start publishing.

No time consuming product creation – these puzzles are done for you. 

No hiring someone else to create these for you – this saves you both time and money. After all, the faster you publish, the faster you have the opportunity for sales.

Ideas and method to use these Mandalas to make money.

  • You can create as many COMPLETED products as you’d like and sell them on any print on demand network such as Amazon KDP, Etsy, Gearbubble, etc.
  • You have unlimited commercial use rights to sell as many completed products as you’d like, without any royalties to us.
  • You can use these images “as is” or combine to create as many possible variations as you wish.
  • You can modify these and create other variations by adding other backgrounds, new images etc., and all rights above apply.
  • You can give these away as lead magnets in PDF format (NOT the images directly) in the form of printables, on your website, social media etc., proving it is clear that it is for PERSONAL use only. (You cannot supply the base images).
  • Yes you can use these in coloring clubs or for schools (if you are a teacher for example), you may distribute these as printables (PDF format).
    Yes, you can use these images in videos as well if you wish to use for examples of creating books or other content.

 Click Here to Get access to Mandalas Patterns Pack

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