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Vi Trainer Membership (14-Day Trial)

Hundreds of indoor & outdoor cardio workouts for fitness and weight loss. Vi Trainer gives you fun audio guided cardio workouts that adapt to you in real time.

Vi is the worlds first AI personal trainer who coaches and motivates through biosensing earphones, engineered for beautiful sound by Harman Kardon.

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xWatch (US) – 50% off

 Important features:

✅First Smartwatch AND Fitness tracker in one sleek watch.
✅High-quality, easy-to-read display in all lighting.
✅Accurate tracking of your heart rate and heart rhythm.
✅Water resistant, Menstrual Cycle Tracker and Sleeping Monitor.
✅Activity tracks your progress and inspires you to move more.
✅Personal voice assistant function, take and make calls, arrange appointments etc.

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