7 Gadgets To Improve Your Health

Our connected world has created a whole new host of health issues which — while joked about in headlines and on TV — can lead to real and lasting pain. Think “text neck” from walking hunched over or “screen slouch” from sitting in front of a computer all day.

Ironically, we’re now turning to tech to solve many of the problems that its predecessors created. Over the past decade, companies have invested in thousands of health devices. Today, there are gadgets and wearables to cure whatever ails you, whether it’s a sore neck, back pain, headaches or even high blood pressure.

Anyone who suffers from chronic pain (or even chronic uncomfort) can attest to how even a small change in your health can make a huge difference in your day-to-day life. So, if you want to improve your posture, boost your performance or just reduce your stress, check out these seven innovative devices.



You have to walk before you can run, and no one believes this more than ZIKTO Walk. ZIKTO Walk is a wearable posture and activity coach that analyses your walking patterns through a series of motion sensors. When it detects an imbalance, such as if you’re walking hunched over or detrimentally slowly, it sends a gentle vibration through its sleek wristband to remind you to correct your posture. The device comes in a range of Italian leather straps, bracelets and colors to fit seamlessly with your style.

Shop Now: $149


UPRIGHT GO | Smart Wearable Posture Trainer

In the same family as ZIKTO is UPRIGHT GO, which promises to help you improve your posture and alleviate back pain. However, unlike ZIKTO, which sits on your wrist, UPRIGHT GO adheres to your skin between the shoulder blades. The minimalist white device immediately provides posture feedback, which you can analyse and track on the accompanying iOS or Android App. The adhesive strips are incredibly sticky and built to last multiple uses, so whether you’re sitting, standing, walking or driving, your UPRIGHT GO will go with you.

Shop Now: $79 (on sale)


The Pip

Did you know that the pores on your fingertips are especially sensitive to changing stress levels? This knowledge drove researchers to create a tiny device that captures these changes and communicates them to you in beautiful visual displays. Pip is no bigger than a watch face and is held between your thumb and forefinger. Once you’ve set your baseline levels, Pip is able to analyze your body’s changing stress levels so you can take a step back (or use their companion apps to de-stress through games and activities)

.Shop Now: $179

Darma ProDARMA

Darma Pro

They say standing is the new smoking, so it’s high time we had a device that encouraged us to sit less (or at least sit better). Darma calls itself the world’s first smart cushion. Using built-in sensors, it monitors your posture, sitting time and stress levels, reminding you to sit properly by sending gentle vibrations through the cushion as well as alerts through the Darma app. It even alerts you to take sitting breaks according to your pre-set goals.

Shop Now: $199

Withings Blood Pressure MonitorNOKIA

Withings Blood Pressure Monitor

Withings Blood Pressure Monitor is a tech-infused cuff that you can slip on and off to analyze your blood pressure. This FDA-cleared device provides highly accurate blood pressure monitoring that you can track using the accompanying app and send to your doctor at the touch of a button. Keep your MD in the loop by sharing real-time measurements and feel confident knowing you’ve taken control of your health.

Shop Now: $99

Zepp BaseballZEPP


The most interesting aspect of Zepp’s products is that, instead of being worn on your body, they attach to your gear to analyze your performance. Currently available for soccer, tennis and golf, the Zepp 2 sensors capture every swing of the club or kick of the ball to help you improve your game even faster. The sensors attach easily to any golf glove, tennis racket or calf sleeve and weigh less than half an ounce. Zepp is currently offering free shipping for any order over $50 in the U.S.

Shop Now: $89-149



There are many apps out now that can assist your meditation practice, but Muse takes it one step further by creating truly custom experiences. The brain sensing headband monitors the real-time state of your brain, adjusting its suggestions to help you obtain a deeper sense of focus. Track your sessions and work towards set goals over time — with the peace of mind that what you’re doing is actually working.

Shop Now: $249

Deactivation of iPhone for Users in India Due to TRAI’s New Regulation

  • TRAI wants Apple to give its app access to call and SMS logs
  • Apple says the app would violate users’ privacy; offered alternate means
  • TRAI want telcos to ‘derecognise’ devices without its app.

India’s medium regulator has declared new rules that look set to intensify its current battle with Apple. If enforced , the regulation could lead on to deactivation of services of iPhone users within the country, unless Apple blinks initial during a battle that has been production for quite it slow.

The medium industrial Communication client Preference Regulation, 2018 free by medium administrative body of India (TRAI) on Th is “proposed to curb the matter of uninvited industrial communication,” or as you and that i comprehend it, plaguey calls and text messages. the availability that directly impacts Apple requires telcos to “derecognise” devices that – among alternative things – don’t permit installation of Associate in Nursing app developed by the regulator.

Part of TRAI’s regulation reads:

Every Access supplier shall guarantee, at intervals six months’ time, that every one sensible phone devices registered on its network support the permissions needed for the functioning of such Apps as prescribed within the rules 6(2)(e) and rules 23(2)(d);

Provided that wherever such devices don’t allow functioning of such Apps as prescribed in rules 6(2)(e) and rules 23(2)(d), Access suppliers shall, on the order or direction of the Authority, decertify such devices from their medium networks.
The rules half dozen and twenty three mentioned within the section higher than relate to varied ways that during which customers will modification their communication settings and conjointly report entities that violate them, with rules 6(2)(e) and 23(2)(d) specifically touching on a mobile app developed by the regulator, or Associate in Nursing entity approved by the regulator.

TRAI already has Associate in Nursing app on the Google Play Store that enables users to register for ‘Do Not Disturb’, a preference that telemarketers ar needed to adapt, however one that’s for the most part neglected during a country wherever plaguey calls and text messages ar a large menace. The automaton app conjointly permits users to report calls and text messages that violate the DND flag to their service supplier.

TRAI desires to unleash an analogous app for iOS however Apple doesn’t permit third-party apps to access decision and electronic communication knowledge, that has become a degree of rivalry between Apple and also the India regulator.

Apple has step by step displayed its software system to permit third-party applications to connect to the business and electronic communication frameworks during a restricted approach, with CallKit in iOS ten and SMS filtering in iOS eleven. iOS 12, the forthcoming version of Apple’s software system for mobile devices and tablets, is ready to bring the power to report plaguey calls and text messages during a seamless approach from at intervals the software system. The move was seen, a minimum of partially, as a bid to satisfy the Indian regulator’s needs.

But with Thursday’s move, it looks the Indian regulator is either unhappy with the provisions iOS twelve can bring, or not willing to attend Associate in Nursingd build an app that may apply those capabilities.

A long time coming back
The India regulator has been loggerheads with Apple over the difficulty for overflow a year. In September last year, Bloomberg according that Apple’s refusal to approve the government’s anti-spam app was maddening regulators, probably even “harming the company’s efforts to sell additional product within the country.”

Apple was then aforesaid to be operating with the regulator to assist build Associate in Nursing app that may satisfy its needs. Associate in Nursing Apple spokesperson confirmed in November last year that iOS 11’s spam filtering messages would facilitate the regulator build the app, however the difficulty of news spam calls remained unaddressed. With iOS twelve, Apple appearance set to shut that gap also.

“This has currently become additional of Associate in Nursing ego tussle between Apple and also the regulator,” Neil monarch of Counterpoint analysis had aforesaid at the time.

In March, reports indicated that TRAI and Apple were still obscurity close to reaching an answer. Apple told Reuters at the time the Indian government’s app “as pictured violates the privacy policy” of its App Store. Apple supplementary that it might “continue discussing ways that they will style their app to stay users’ personal knowledge safe.”

“We can take applicable action at law,” TRAI chief R.S. Sharma told Reuters in Associate in Nursing interview. “This is unjust, it shows the approach and angle of this company.”

Then in might, TRAI free a draft version of the regulation that was legal on Th, with the contentious clause business for operators to ‘derecognise’ devices noticeably in situ.

Other reactions
In a letter to the medium regulator on Gregorian calendar month eleven, Indian Cellular Association (ICA), a body that represents the interests of mobile manufactures and alternative players within the Indian market, had noted its objections to TRAI’s proposals. The letter aforesaid “it would be manifestly wrong to offer Associate in Nursing powers within the hands of medium operators to start out judgement that device ought to continue and that ought to be ‘derecognised from its medium network’” and also the the regulator “had no jurisdiction over device manufactures.”

Apple vs TRAI

Apple and TRAI are hostile over the problem of permitting a DND app on iPhones for over 2 years. whereas the regulator has been asking the corporate to permit the appliance, Apple has declined to try and do therefore citing users’ privacy.

Back in November 2017, a Reuters report steered that the 2 parties had come back to AN agreement over the problem which the yankee smartphone company can facilitate the govt in building AN anti-spam mobile application for the iOS platform.

Apple, however, had then admitted that the iOS platform failed to enable a number of the govt requests like permitting decision logs information on the DND app.

Impact on users

If Apple ANd TRAI fail to return to an agreement, the move can impact several iPhone users in Asian nation.

The Indian Cellular Association (ICA) in response to the draft policy had criticised the regulator for asking service suppliers to dam access to devices on failure to include DND apps.

“Even tho’ the ICA appreciates the intentions of TRAI during this regard, it’s clear from the TRAI Act that the powers given to the Hon’ble Authority underneath the aforementioned Act ar restricted to regulation medium service suppliers or licencees. There has been no precedent within the past whereby the TRAI has tried to manage device makers, just because the Authority realises that its powers during this regard ar restricted by the statute,” aforementioned the business body stating that the regulator has no jurisdiction over device makers.

The ICA conjointly highlighted that the move may have “unintended consequences of inserting several customers in harm’s means. This as a result of the shoppers could merely not need to own such apps on their devices, or they will get on a platform that doesn’t need the practicality within the manner within which TRAI is describing it.”

The Cellular Operators Association of Asian nation (COAI) , AN business body representing high medium players, in its response had aforementioned that the medium service suppliers have management over the network which they can not take responsibility of parts outside their network. It conjointly identified that the service suppliers don’t have management on the applications (mostly OTTs) that a client is mistreatment on his/her telephone set.

Updated iOS and DND two.0
Apple is building a brand new iteration of its OS, the iOS 12. the newest update comes with a “spam reporting” feature. The implementation of the feature, however, is sort of totally different from Android’s, because it would require users to modify the feature via the app extension.

The body supplementary that TRAI’s regulation places “millions of customers in harm’s way” World Health Organization “may merely not wish to possess such Associate in Nursing app on their devices, or they’ll air a platform that doesn’t support the practicality within the manner during which TRAI is describing it.”

Interestingly, the letter conjointly had what looks like a transparent relevance the forthcoming iOS twelve unleash wherever it talks regarding customers World Health Organization “may not want to upgrade their current devices to successive level of the platform, that successively, may become a preconditions for putting in such apps as delineate within the TRAI draft regulation” being ‘derecognised’ thanks to a alternative created by the purchasers.

The regulator looks to possess unnoticed those comments and goes ahead with provisions that may directly impact iPhone users. per TRAI, regulation thirty four that requires telcos to ‘derecognise’ sensible devices while not its app “shall get force once thirty days from the date of publication of those rules within the Official Gazette.”

Airtel, in its response to TRAI’s draft regulation had noted, among alternative things, that “the suggestion of a brand new app (clause 6(2)(e) for registering the preference equal to making an extra set-up and infrastructure with none worth addition. {this will|this will|this could|this may} be done away with because the operators can simply adjust this feature in their existing apps.”

Other telcos like Vodafone have commented that, among alternative things, TRAI’s regulation would need “huge cost” to be enforced.